hair specialist doctor near me

Hair Specialist Doctor near me


Hair specialist is a doctor who diagnoses the hair related issues and recommends the treatment. Hair loss is a problem faced by people of all ages. Around 80% of people come across this problem in their lifetime.  It can occur because of several factors like poor diet, age, genetic and hormonal imbalance. Hair fall that leads to balding, makes people fall to inferiority complexes and destroy their self-confidence and self-esteem. In order to get rid of baldness, doctors have introduced many treatments like with medication and surgical procedures including hair transplant and laser therapy.

  • Who is a hair specialist?

The hair specialist is known as a trichologist. Trichologists are hair loss and scalp specialists who diagnose and treat many hair and scalp related issues. To diagnose the disease a trichologist takes a detailed history of the patient and may examine you with a tool called trichoscope used to diagnose the affected area. After diagnosing, he will recommend the treatment. The treatment will be tropical and if required oral prescriptions will be needed, they will refer the patient to the doctor. Most trichologists formulate many products that are used to cure itchy, dry and inflamed scalp.

  • Should I see a doctor or dermatologist for hair loss?

There is wide range of possible causes of hair loss. It is important to get accurate diagnose as alopecia directly affects appearance. That is why, dermatologist is considered as the best option. Trichologist is a specialist, who can treat the problems with your hairs and scalps while a dermatologist has proper medical knowledge and training regarding hairs, nails and skin diseases. He has the training and expertise to conduct full examination and necessary tests to give accurate diagnosis. The training and depth study is vital. Typically, a trichologist is trained up to 4 years while it takes 13 years medical training to become a specialist of hair, nails and skin.

Hair specialist doctor near me

  • What do dermatologists recommend for hair thinning?

After diagnosing the cause, a dermatologist recommends the medicines or treatment according to it. Typically, he goes with over-the-counter drugs like minoxidil, finasteride etc. minoxidil can control shedding when applied topically on the scalp. It increases the blood flow in the scalps and prevents hair thinning. Sometimes lifestyle also affects health like smoking and alcohol consumption. Doctors often instruct to improve lifestyle and diet; it can help to combat thinning. In severe cases of hair fall, dermatologists recommend laser treatment or PRP treatment.

  • How can I thicken my hair?

Hairs need love too, just like skin. Proper care can improve the texture. Some remedies also help with hair thickening, like oiling, eating healthy food, changing lifestyle, scalp massage, reduce stress etc. Oiling is one of the best hair thickening remedies. It should be added in the daily care routine because it is essential for the nourishment of the scalps. Oiling provides moisture and helps to cope with the dandruff problem. Diet that you intake also directly affects your appearance as well as body functioning. A good diet can keep your hair in the best shape. You should make sure that you are eating green vegetables, fruits, whole grain, nuts, protein rich food and taking fewer sweets. Using biotin and keratin rich shampoo help hair thickening as well.


Hair specialists have gotten much popularity in the last two decades as the hair fall problem is increasing because of changing lifestyles and increasing stress in the lives of people. Accurate diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment, but in mild cases it can be treated with typical remedies. These remedies are really helpful to overcome this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the name of hair specialist doctor near me?

The specialist doctor name is Ahmad Chaudhry, trained and qualified from Paris France. To get an appointment you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999


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