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Getting hair restoration from an experienced surgeon in a Natural way is an art & skill.

body hair transplant

Body & beard hair use for scalp hair restoration gives new hope to patients with less donor area..


Male & female patients suffer from hair loss due to various reasons, treatment is possible now.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), including the procedure atomizes parts of the FUE procedure.

Best Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan

Micro follicular unit extraction technique

Cosmoderma Fue hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan offers different kinds of baldness and hair loss treatments. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best hair restoration surgeon in Lahore and Board Certified from France, having 21 years experience in this field. Our clinic is providing the latest technique micro follicular unit extraction technique for hair loss & baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan. It is a most advanced technique where micro sizes punch 0.7 mm or 0.8 mm are used for grafts extraction. There are certain advantages of this latest technique. No visible scar or hypo pigmented dots at the donor site so beard and body hair are extracted and used for scalp hair restoration. Damage to the donor area is minimal and rapid healing or recovery. Maximum number of grafts can be extracted with micro F.U.E. hair transplant in Lahore at Cosmoderma clinic.

DHI technique

D.H.I is an abbreviation of direct hair implant where individual grafts are taken from the donor area and placed into the recipient area with a pen-like device called Choi implanter or hair implanter. Hair technicians load grafts into these hair implanter devices and doctors will place / insert into the bald area. This device has a sharp needle in the front and it performs two functions simultaneously. Firstly to make a slit or puncture and then to place the grafts inside this slit by pushing the plunger in the pen like device. DHI is a variation in follicular unit extraction technique. If you want to get this procedure through DHI hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan then send us your hair loss area close up photos through WhatsApp and get an estimate of grafts and price.

Sapphire Fue technique

Sapphire follicular unit extraction is another variation in FUE technique where sapphire made blades are used to create slits or punctures for grafts placement.  This technique also ensures soft and natural looking results. Normally blades material is steel but in this technique blades are made up of sapphire gemstone. These sapphire blades are used to make incision in the recipient or bald area.  There are two major advantages with this sapphire Follicular unit extraction/ excision technique:- to minimize scabs formation and rapid recovery or healing after the procedure. These sapphire blades minimize the trauma and thus less scalp tissue damage. If we can convert its advantages into practical terms then Sapphire blades can give more dense or thick results while minimizing the trauma to the scalp tissues.

Ice Fue technique 

It is another variation in follicular unit extraction technique where extracted grafts are kept in a solution under cold temperature.  This iced or cold container will increase the survival rate and thus growth of the grafts. Nowadays all clinics know this important aspect of cooling the grafts while extraction and placement. There are some devices called “cooling container” used for this purpose to keep the grafts under controlled temperature and prolong the life of grafts.  Thus iced graft technique will give good results by keeping low levels of metabolic activities while in a holding solution or container.

Best Fue hair restoration results in Lahore

If you are looking for the best Fue hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan then our clinic is performing this exclusively and the whole procedure is performed under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. He will take consultation/ check up personally and perform your procedure along with his team.

Best Fue hair transplant doctor / surgeon in Lahore

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 21 years experience and Board Certified in hair restoration surgery from France. He is an Ex-visiting Associate professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France where he taught more than 10 years and trained many hair surgeons of the world. He is definitely the best choice for follicular unit extraction procedure in Lahore Pakistan. 

Lahore Best surgeon

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore and qualified from Paris France. He has more than 23 years experience in hair restoration surgery. He did M.B.B.S. from prestigious King Edward University Lahore Pakistan and did his specialization in Laser surgery from René Descartes University Paris France and second specialization in hair restoration surgery from Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France.

He is producing best results in Lahore Pakistan and people visit him all across the world for hair loss and baldness treatment. Follicular unit extraction from beard & body and implanting to scalp is his extra ordinary skill & expertise.

We serve humanity and utilize latest knowledge & technologies for the betterment of hair loss and baldness patients. Our hair expert doctor in Lahore provides honest and un biased opinion and we diagnose first and treat problem accordingly. Patient’s trust and satisfaction is our mission.

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Follicular unit extraction is a successful procedure and is being performed all over the world. However success rate also depends upon experience, qualification and expertise of surgeons. Fue hair restoration brings a permanent solution with no further medical care. Restoration of natural hair because hair follicles are harvested from one’s own body so color or texture will remain the same as original.

Both DHI (Direct hair implant) and FUE (Follicular unit extraction) are new but successful techniques to re-grow hair with minimal complications but excellent results. It does not matter whether you choose DHI or FUE, success rate and final outcome depends upon hair surgeon experience , skill, expertise and qualification. 

Yes transplanted hair results are permanent. These are taken from the permanent donor area which is back and side of head. This permanent donor zone is resistant and DHT hormone does not act on these follicles. Therefore it is a permanent solution for baldness. 

Why Use our services

Follicular unit extraction hair transplant in Lahore is a modern way to grow hair naturally. Donor area healthy grafts or follicles are transferred into hair loss or baldness areas called recipient zone. The procedure can not only be performed for the head; but also be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows and beard. Donor hair can be harvested by using a technique called FUE. The surgeon, first, analyzes the patient’s scalp then performs the procedure.

There are some important considerations before selecting a hair transplant clinic in Lahore for the procedure. First and most important is adequate training and experience of the surgeon. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 21 years experience and qualified from France. There is no need to be afraid of poor or bad results. The qualification and experience matters for the best and impressive results.

Hair transplant cost in Lahore at our clinic is affordable and we understand cost or price is an important factor before selecting any clinic or doctor. We have four surgery packages and one can select according to his budget. We are using instruments from different countries and prices vary according to density, naturalness and number of grafts. We diagnose Common infectious hair diseases and best procedure will reflect your personality and one should choose the best hair restoration technique if affordability would not be an issue. An average procedure price in Lahore is 45000 Rupee to 150000 Rupee. However the best and experienced doctor would charge between 125,000 Rupee to 200,000 Rupee. The difference in price is present all over the world as new doctors or newly established clinics will charge you less while an experienced doctor or clinic would charge you high. High hair restoration surgery cost in Lahore is charged by a very few clinics as there are very few senior hair doctors in Lahore.