Hairline hair transplant

Having a new growth of hair on the bald area of your hair is not less than a blessing. And this blessing can only be achieved through the successful process of hairline hair transplant surgery. As we define the term, it is a process where the dermatological or plastic surgeon will remove certain hairs from the specific bald area of your head.

The surgeon will move the hairs from either side or back areas of your head towards the top or front side. This whole process is done under the complete supervision of the medical office and local anesthesia.

Hairline hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

There are various causes of hair loss and pattern baldness. One major reason is genetics. Few other common causes are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medications
  • Illness
  • Diet
  • Stress

Can hair transplant lower hairline?  

Yes, it can! we can lower the hairline to an extensive level. This is the most common process which you can follow for lowering it. Hence this surgery can work best for lowering the hairline for both men and women in contrast with any other surgery to lower it.

How many hair grafts do you need for a hairline?

The main question which probably hit so many minds is related to the number of grafts that you need for this purpose. For an excellent performance, 45-50 grafts per cm2 is the best option.

In case the area is drawn to almost 30cm2 then choosing 1500 grafts is the accurate estimation. Contrary, to that, for the female patients, the frontal hairline works best if it is planned with maximum grafts per cm2 if possible.

Receding hairline hair transplant

Hair restoration surgery is the best remedy against the solution of receding hairline or even if you face diffuse hair loss. Through the help of a professional and skilled surgeon, you can restore your hairline with long-lasting results. In just a few months, you will have your hair thickness and volume back.

Best hair transplant in Lahore

Nevertheless, here we would like to mention that although a hair transplant is not a miracle treatment to cure your baldness. For some patients, it can be a blessing, but for a few patients, it is not less than a risk.

Before you plan to do a hair treatment, consider the below-mentioned aspects:

  • In case your hair is genetically quite sensitive to DHT, then possibly your hair will start to fall out after getting the surgical hair loss treatment. This normally means that hair around transplanted areas has become thin whereas transplanted hair stays thick and healthy.
  • Due to this, hair surgeons will recommend you to choose finasteride or other hair loss prevention treatments after you have the procedure yourself to reduce extra hair loss.
  • Almost all the techniques of hair restoration including FUE produce scarring. The only difference is in terms of the shape and size of the scar. FUT will produce a single large scar whereas FUE will create hundreds of minor and distributed scars over the backside of your scalp.
  • In case your hairs have a dark and thick texture over your back scalp, then it is obvious that a hair transplant scar will be invisible.

Estimation about how many successful and accurate results you will receive will depend upon the experience level and skills of the surgeon. Make sure you choose a surgeon who is experienced and fully knows the concept of hairline surgery with a powerful historical record of successful patients.

In short, hairline treatment is not about the growth of new hairs or creating a new patch of hair. It is all about the involvement of moving hairs which you already have on specific areas of your head location. If you have lost a maximum of your hair, then it is impossible to restore the new hairline or hair thickness with the transplant treatment.

But for some of the men, hair transplant can show significant improvement towards the overall appearance of their hairs. You have to make sure that you are having a realistic expectation based on the hairs still left on your head.

How much does a hairline transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

Hairline hair surgery will cost almost 125,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupee. The final cost of the treatment will be based on:

  • Duration of the transplant process
  • Availability of professional surgeons in your nearby area
  • Approximate experience of the surgeon
  • Type of surgical technique chosen
  • Aftercare medications

Which clinic is producing the best hairline hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan?

This is an obvious fact hairline hair transplant treatment does not come at a small cost if you are considering this treatment to get successful results. Perform complete research work before you finalize appointing your doctor for the surgery.

It is better to take some consultations related to the cost and selection of surgeons for the right choice. Only an experienced surgeon will help you to achieve successful results.


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