Why do men go bald

Why do men go bald


Why do men go bald? What can you do about it? What are the possible reasons behind baldness in men? If these questions are roaming about in your head, then you are at the right place to get them answered. Most of us get worried about our hair fall when we see our hairline receding. In such a scenario, we are in a need to find the possible cause behind this and treat the hair fall before it’s too late. Fortunately, there are various possible ways to reverse back this loss. But before moving towards the treatments we should address the question of why men go bald. Hair fall can be as a result of a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia. This is the main cause behind baldness in more than 90% of the men. Hair breakage and falling increases due to increased sensitivity of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone DHT, which is a byproduct of testosterone hormone. The hairs start shrinking and the life span of hairs is also shortened. In a small duration, the follicles become too weak to support hair growth and the hairline starts receding.

Age can be a factor behind why men go bald. According to recent studies, it has been found out that 85% of the men have experienced hair loss till the age of 50. Whereas, a quarter of the population of men has experienced hair loss in their twenties. Hair thinning is the only symptom observed in male pattern baldness however, male androgenetic alopecia can also be due to a number of other causes which have some other symptoms as well. Male baldness does not always associate to happen in pattern; sometimes it can also occur all over head. Men can go bald as a result of alopecia areata; in which the immune system starts attacking healthy follicles. It is an auto immune condition.it can be a reversible condition. The hairs start falling in patches and it is not likely to attack only the scalp area. It can also occur on other parts of the body such as the beard. Hair loss due to shock, stress and surgery can be reversed back in 2 to 6 months. Such stress related hair loss is known as telogen effluvium. Malnutrition can also lead to hair loss as some nutrients such as iron, zinc proteins and vitamins are vital to the growth of hairs.

why do men go bald and treatment Lahore Pakistan

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Men can go bald if they are taking any medication. Such medications include antidepressants as fluoxetine and sertraline, anti-coagulants like heparin and warfarin, cholesterol lowering drugs like simvastatin, antifungal drugs like voriconazole, acne medications, chemotherapeutic drugs, ACE inhibitors and immunosuppressant. However, hair loss associated with medications can be easily reversed by quitting the medications and it is not an alarming situation. Hair loss can also be triggered by stress and trauma. Hair fall is a normal event in the life cycle however, it is alarming when the hair fall exceeds more than 70 strands per day and visible spots start to appear. What can you do in order to treat hair loss in men? Certain treatments for hair loss are available and they can be employed to improve hair strength and growth rate. They range from simple products needed to be applied on the scalp to the complex surgical procedures; certain medications that have proved to treat hair loss include minoxidil, finasteride and corticosteroids. The mechanism of action of these medications is different. These medications can improve hair growth in 6 months. They should be taken after consultation with your doctor.

Balding in men can be treated by various surgical procedures. This includes laser therapy and hair replacement surgeries. Laser therapy works by increasing circulation of blood towards the scalp. The blood flow increased has a stimulant effect on the hair follicles which helps themselves to get prepared in order to support new hairs. it is less invasive as compared to surgery. It is a new method and more safe. Most of the people who have adopted laser therapy for hair growth have got satisfactory results which might make it a prior option than hair replacement surgeries. Hair transplant surgery can be performed in order to treat baldness in men. Among the various hair transplant procedures available follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant are the most commonly employed procedures. FUT involves cutting a small piece of scalp, the strip, where hair growth is sufficient. This strip is then cut in fragments which are grafted in the recipients’ area. In FUE procedure, the hair follicles are removed and harvested in the recipients’ area. It is less invasive as compared to the FUT method. The donor area can be any part of the body showing improved hair growth. It can be the beard area, chest, underarm or thighs.

What can you do about male pattern baldness and are there any ways to prevent it? If the alopecia is inherited, there is no way that it can be prevented and it is very difficult to reverse it without the help of any surgical procedure. Hair loss, though can be prevented if precautions are applied at the very first step of hair loss that is thinning. Taking medical treatments at the initial stages can help prevent balding. If you experience hair fall after discontinuing the medications, it depicts that you have a need to talk to your doctor. If you are male and concerned about the fact that what can you do about baldness and how can you prevent it at the very first step, try taking these measures: start regular scalp massages which can improve circulation and improve hair growth. If you are consuming cigarettes, try to quit this habit in order to save your hairs. Try to incorporate meditation therapies in your routine in order to manage stress related hair fall. If you think that your hair fall is related to any medications you are recently taking, talk with your doctor to change and shift to any substitute. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in proteins, zinc, iron and omega fatty acids can help a lot in overcoming this issue.

Why do men go bald and what is the best treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

There are various reasons and the most common is inheritance called Androgenetic Alopecia and the best treatment option is FUE hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan.

Why do men go bald in Lahore Pakistan?

Most of the men go bald due to gene or inheritance traits and this genetic coder triggers the DHT hormone formation and attachment to the root of the hair and ultimately shedding and alopecia.

What is the best hair loss solution in Lahore Pakistan?

The best solution depends upon androgenetic alopecia or degree of hair loss and our expert will suggest you after inspection or examination of the head condition. To get a free checkup or online help call or WhatsApp us. 

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