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Baldness treatment last hope

Baldness treatment last hope in Lahore Pakistan is hair transplant surgery provided you have enough donor area , usually in the back and sides of head. It uses micro grafting technology to extract follicles from the donor area of the head and implant them onto the recipient area of the head.

Causes of baldness:

Baldness can occur due to different reasons. It normally occurs because of head injuries caused by a severe accident, or it can be due to hormonal disease. It can also be genetic or it may be due to some kind of disease.

Conditions to be considered:

A hair transplant surgery is the hope for the cure of baldness. But before getting started with the treatment, one must consider these conditions:

  1. Your past medical history: the type of anesthetic that was used in your past surgery at some time may affect the decisions taken regarding your treatment.
  2. Examining your scalp condition: evaluation of your scalp is an important step. It includes the evaluation of your hair growth pattern, the intensity of baldness, and any type of treatment that you might have had in the past.
  3. Your physical health conditions: the treatment depends on the condition of your physical health. The doctor will examine whether you are healthy enough to take a transplant or not.
  4. Regular medication: you should tell your surgeon about any regular medicines or supplements you have been taking.
  5. Side effects or allergies: you should communicate with your doctor about any allergies or side effects that you got from using medicine in the past.

Techniques used for hair grafting:

Baldness treatment last hope in Lahore Pakistan is offered through two techniques. Two methods for obtaining follicles are FUT and FUE.

  1.   Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):In this technique, a several inches long strip of scalp is cut from the area of the head where there is excessive hair (usually the back side) and that area is then closed with stitches. The scalp strip is then implanted onto the bald area of the head after dividing it into sections.
  2.   Follicular Unit Extraction: In this technique, thousands of hundreds of tiny punch incisions are made in the back of the head to take out the follicles. The surgeon then uses a blade to make tiny holes in the receiving area of the head and the follicles are grafted into them. The scalp will be covered with bandages for a few days in both techniques after the implantation has been done.

Combo Hybrid hair transplant Lahore

How long the surgery takes:

Hair transplant surgery is a lengthy process and it takes 9 to 12 months to complete. The procedure is divided into sessions, usually 3 or 4. A surgeon can graft hundreds or thousands of follicles during a single session which is normally 3 to 4 hours long. A time difference of several months is taken between each session so that each transplant heals completely before the next can start.

A hair transplant is permanent or not:

The permanency of a transplant depends on the cause of hair loss. If alopecia has occurred because of an accident or temporary sickness or disease, it can be cured permanently with a transplant. But if it is due to genetics, surgery can help to restore the glory of head and the results are long lasting. 

Side effects:

It is a surgical process and may cause minor side effects which disappear in a few weeks. These side effects can be:

  1. Your scalp may continue to bleed a little after the surgery has been done.
  2. You may encounter infection in the scalp.
  3. Your scalp may swell.
  4. Since your head is treated with surgery, it may feel numb in the areas of treatment.
  5. Your hair may look unnatural for a few days.


  1. Since your own follicles are used for grafting, the hair growth will be natural afterward.
  2. No chemicals or medicines are used. The transplant is natural and has a long-lasting natural effect.
  3. The most important and desired advantage of this surgery is that the patient regains his confidence and aesthetic.


  1. If baldness is permanent (because of a genetic problem), a transplant at an early age (20 to 30 years) may not be long-lasting.
  2. If the donor area of the scalp is not healthy enough, complications may occur.
  3. It takes a long period (several months) for a hair transplant surgery to heal properly.

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