Hair transplant cost in Lahore

Hair Transplant Cost Lahore


Hair transplant cost in Lahore is less compared with elsewhere. But this operation is becoming common because Receding hairline has always been stressful for young and as well for the aged people. Maintaining hair cannot always be a relief for the hair not to fall, that’s because most of the time hair fall is due to the genetic and hormonal behavior of people. This phenomenon is not only common among male but also females are exposed to it. For receding hairline, the best solution is to transplant. But people cannot afford it everywhere because it is too costly in most parts of the world but in Lahore it is negotiable. We are here to discuss the cost related matters of this solution in Lahore with more detail.

FUT & FUE hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

The price is in the range of 70000 to 250000 Pak rupees. There are many hair restoration clinics in Lahore that provide this facility. Mainly, there are two techniques used in Lahore which are FUT and FUE. On the daily basis the doctors transplant 2500 to 3000 hair follicles by using FUE techniques. Depending upon how wide the hair has damaged it will take a few meetings for the patient so that the operation is fully done. Until then the doctors provide all sorts of medical care recommendations to the patient. The patient can make online discussions with the surgeons whenever needed through social networks and email addresses. Compared with other countries the expense is too less in Lahore so that this city is preferable for anyone who has baldness and wants their hair back.

Clinic offering low hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

Hair restoration cost in Lahore Pakistan is negotiable but people need to consider the side effects also. This procedure is done by using local anesthesia first which means that you won’t feel pain but will be awake during the whole operations session and it will take 6 to 7 hours daily. But it is a safe procedure that the patients will not need to worry about it highly. Though there is minor swelling, tightness in the scalp or itching risks it can go away after some time and is temporary. Only in very rare cases it happens that due to infection or allergic reactions bleeding can occur. In addition, this process is not painful at all though it causes a little bit of irritation for the patient. This irritation can be controlled easily through icing or taking a tablet prescribed by the doctor.

In the end, hair transplant cost in Lahore is not the first priority but while choosing a hair transplant surgeon or clinic there are few other things also that one should consider. Firstly, the doctor that operates should not only be an MBBS doctor. He or she should be a hair restoration surgeon and be registered as specialist hair surgeon with Pakistan medical and dental council and should hold membership of Pakistan association of hair surgeons. In addition, the experience of the surgeon is very important. He or she needs to have years of experience in the field so that it could be measured whether the person is successful or not which depends on the total amount of the surgeries he or she has done


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