Female hair thinning causes

Female hair thinning causes


There are numerous female hair thinning causes and the best hair specialist takes a detailed history and tries to find through history or laboratory tests. Hair is an important body part. It gives a good look and changes the appearance of a person’s face when they go styling, coloring, and cutting on their hair, etc. Female gives more important to their hairs because they consider their hairs a garden and do a lot of things to give a beautiful image to their garden. But sometimes your hair become thin scalp occurs through the strands and you start losing hairs.

Losing hair is a natural process. A normal female loses about 50 to 100 hair every day, this figure is normal but if a large amount of hair falls and you see your hair become thinner than it is an alarming situation. If you see bald spots, overall thinning, a lot of dandruff, handful hair fall than these are the signs of hair thinning, and hair falling is near.

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Female hair thinning causes are:

  1. Hereditary:

Female hair thinning cause is because of genes, sometimes because of your family history you got hair thinning problems. It might be possible that your mother, father may had this problem, and you got it genetically.

  1. Hair Styling:

Female hair thinning cause is because of hair styling. When females style their hairs tightly often, make high tight braids ponytails than follicles become damaged and in that place hair thinning visible.


  1. Ringworm:

Female hair thinning cause is because of ringworm fungus. This fungus attacks the scalp and patches appear in your head. Your head become red, feel itchiness and head become bald from some side.


  1. Child Birth:

Female hair thinning causes is also because of child birth. Some female’s hair is perfectly fine in their pregnancy but after child birth their hairs become thin and hair fall occurs but its temporary loss you become normal in a year.


  1. Thyroid Problem:

Thyroid pumps a chemical and keep our body humming, but if the chemical increases or decrease than our hair growth cycle affected hair become thin and falling occurs.


  1. Deficiency of Nutrition:

If you don’t take necessary nutrition than nutrition deficiency occurs. Iron, zinc, and protein deficiency can cause hair thinning.


  1. Medication:

Sometimes heavy doses of medicine can cause hair thinning. If you are using a heavy medicine of depression, high blood pressure regularly than sometimes it can affect your hairs.


  1. Dandruff:

If your hair had a lot of dandruff and you are not treating it than it can affect your hair. Your hair become thin scalp occurs in the center and losses occurs.


  1. Stress:

If you are emotionally disturbed, then stress occurred. Due to stress your body, hormonal system don’t work properly and your hair growth stages stops and affects your hairs.


  1. Hairs Treatment:

Females, especially girls do a lot of curling, straightening, color or rebound their hairs. If any girl do this type of things regularly than hair become weak and thinning, losing occurs.


  1. Alopecia Aerate:

It is an autoimmune disease related to skin. This disease attacks healthy follicles and patches appear on the head and body. It’s a temporary loss and you can fill your patches with hairs back in 6 months.


  1. Radiation Treatment:

Cancer patient losses their hairs because of radiation, chemotherapy. Because of chemotherapy a lot of radiations done with body so hair cycle pauses hair from growing and hair falls.


  1. Lasers:

Now a day the latest laser come that grows hair. People use it to grow their hairs naturally, but it does not suit everyone some people loss hair because of this laser technology.


  1. Diet Issue:

If female do not eat properly. Skip breakfast, lunch or dinner than weight is decreased and due to weight loss hair become weak and start falling.


  1. Polycystic ovary syndrome:

Polycystic Ovary can cause hormones disturbance. This makes a lot of amounts of antigens and due to these antigens hairs on the head become thin. So these are the major causes of hair thinning in female. If it occurs than consult a doctor or clinic  immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can hair grow back after thinning?

Yes there are many causes if identified and treated timely then lost hair can regrow.

Who is the best doctor or specialist for women hair thinning treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

To get an idea and online consultation free of cost you may whatsApp (+92-333-430-9999) your head photos. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best doctor in Lahore Pakistan who can help and guide you honestly.

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