Failed hair transplant repair in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic by a foreign qualified & trained specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. With the increasing number of success rates in the transplant, there are a few cases which disappoint the patients. This type of situation occurs when the implanted follicle doesn’t give the desirable results. The fault may be in the technique during the surgery or in the growth of the grafts. There are certain factors including asymmetric or unnatural hairline design, poor graft implantation, dry or wrong placements of grafts, use of rusted equipment, and inexperienced workers. However, there are techniques to repair the failed hair transplant. The process includes repeating the same first procedure with a little more density and redoing the grafts by either correcting them or replacing them with the new ones. It is not to be confused with the repeat implantation where more grafts are required due to excessive hair loss after the treatment.

Failed hair transplant



Failed hair transplant repair Lahore Pakistan

If you had a bad experience with the hair surgery, there are still ways to recover it. It is re-corrected by using two main procedures; FUT (Follicular Unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit excision). Both require highly skilled surgeons in order to avoid any further errors. If the donor area has depleted from the scalp, another area from the body can be used where hair growth is excessive such as the beard. The follicles from the donor area are grafted to bald/required areas by FUE. Moreover, a direct transplant method is also used which consists of a single step. The individual hairs are removed and planted on the area to be repaired.

Can hair restoration surgery be done twice

If you had a bad implantation or want to add density, you can have a second surgical procedure. The procedure depends upon the strength of the donor follicles. If they are strong, the implantation lasts longer and the process goes out well. The stronger follicles exist around the area near the ears which grow free of hormonal and genetic factors. For increasing the density it is not suitable to add more than 4000 grafts at a time, as the area looks patchy and grafts may not grow as expected.

Failed hair transplant look like 

The scalp gives more of a patchy look which is not pleasant to see. Scarring occurs which may result in baldness if increased. The hair plugs become larger with noticeable clusters of grafts. The lines drawn for grafting are uneven, and not symmetric. Blood clotting, irritation or infection may occur due to unwell procedure.

Can you go bald again after hair restoration surgery?

It is a delicate process and requires proper care and attention. Hair fall is normal both pre and post the operation. Care needs to be done if it increases after the surgery. People are usually recommended to have preoperative hair loss treatments which are clinically proven for 6 months. This is especially for those who have a genetic or non-genetic hair loss problem because grafts are more likely to fall off the scalp after implantation. This indicates the production of new follicles which is not to be worried about. Anti-hair fall solutions are also given along with other medications after the operation. If these solutions aren’t applied regularly or the scalp is not taken good care of, the risks are of increased loss of hair which can ultimately cause baldness in some areas of the head.

Is a second surgical procedure worth it ?

There is no harm in having a second procedure for failed hair transplant repair in Lahore Pakistan, only if the procedure gets carried out well. Surgeons usually recommend waiting for about 10 to 12 months before having a second operation. It is because the hair from the first session starts growing in this time span and it becomes easier to conduct the procedure. If you want to get an opinion regarding the failed procedure repair you may consult or visit our clinic

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