Hair transplants gone wrong

Hair transplants gone wrong


Hairs play a very important role in an individual personality and self-esteem. It’s a part of an individual appearance and plays a very important role in enhancing beauty standards for both male and female. People all over the world may face difficulties when they face hair loss or hair fall problems as it majorly affects their appearances. So, for such issues and problems people go towards hair treatment or transplant procedures either surgical or non-surgical ones. But as the transplant procedures are done by humans it and besides having full knowledge and skills the procedure can go wrong and these people can face as many difficulties as possible. Also, there is loss of a lot of money as the expenses of procedures are very high (usually depending upon the type of procedure or treatment and the number of hair grafts or follicles to be transplanted).

  • Why are hair transplants a bad idea?

As discussed earlier, hair restoration is a very good option for people with hair loss issues but not for all. Many clinics and doctors will offer you and will give you false guidance that you are a perfect candidate for the hair surgery despite doing any diagnosis or knowing the reason behind the hair loss as these people are only concerned about your money more than your well-being. So, the better way is to know the reason for your hair loss and first consult a skilled dermatologist and clinic who just does not work for money only. Here are some reasons that why hair surgery is a bad option:

  1. You are having unrealistic expectations that the procedure will give you full volume hairs and you will get the same stunning looking hairs as they were when you were younger or you have earlier. Hair grafting either non-surgical or surgical is a very risky procedure and anything can happen so hair treatments will only help you to start growth of your hairs at a particular area and cannot solve all your problems.
  2. You are consulted by an unskilled doctor just to save your money; as a result you can face many negative consciences.
  3. You are too young then procedure cannot be done, if you are in early twenties or younger you should go for some other treatments like taking proper diet, supplements etc., as hair loss can be a reason for such deficiencies in this age period.
  4. You might have genetic issues or a family history of extreme baldness. As you go for a hair restoration procedure due to such reasons at early stages of your life you might face many severe problems.
  5. If you are not ready for the afterward, consciences like scaring, eczema, infections etc. and you are scared that you will lose your remaining hairs as well so you should not go for these procedures.
  6. You are not the one who will maintain your hair after the transplant surgery, as it is only for the ones that will assure maintenance of their transplanted hairs as this procedure requires proper maintenance after the surgery for the improved and better results.
  • Has anyone died from a hair transplant?

Unlike other surgical procedures, hair implant surgery is much safer but a surgical procedure that has a potential risk. It has less risk than any other procedure, and the rate of death is gratefully very rare. However, patients may die during the surgery or after a few days due to anesthetic issues or adverse drug reactions. Deaths are also reported due to the excessive blood loss (rarest issue) or by the infection that might have occurred during the transplant procedure.

  • Can you sue for a bad hair transplant?

There are clinics and institutes that are unethical and are providing false hopes to the people and misleading them. So, for such clinics you can go for legal practices for their illegal actions. Government will take actions against such institutes and at least you can be an eye opener for the people around you.

  • What does a bad hair transplant look like?

A bad hair transplant can result in the undesirable scaring, infection, and the damaged and increased hairline if the transplant goes wrong. People with bad hair surgery look weirder and the appearance of the individuals is greatly affected and can disturb the lives of the people. Results show that people after having a bad transplant surgery can go into depression, anxiety, and stress as well because of their weird appearance.

  • How painful is hair transplant surgery?

Due to the advancement in the anesthetic field’s hair restoration is now a painless process, however the medical procedures are not completely painless, and a temporary level of discomfort may be there but is less painful than any other medical surgical process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hair transplants gone wrong, can we repair it in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has vast experience and can correct any bad or wrong results through follicular unit extraction. To get an expert opinion you can send your photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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