Hair transplant permanent solution

Is hair transplant permanent solution?

Many people often wonder whether hair transplant is a permanent solution. Whenever you are looking to treat baldness, you would, of course, look for a permanent solution. Moreover, hair restoration is not very cheap. That is why, when people are spending much money in order to treat their baldness, they would, of course, look for a permanent solution.

How long does hair transplant last?

Yes, hair transplants are permanent and in most of the cases. In order to slow down your natural hair loss, you can undergo procedures like:

These procedures can be undertaken after hair transplant surgery. The surgeon would be able to recommend the correct procedure which would ensure that the hair follicles are able to grow and solidify in the area in which these have been transplanted. Normally, when you’re looking into the acceptance and the growth rate of the transplanted hair, they can be as high as 95% or as low as 80%. Thus, as long as you are able to follow the precautions which are highlighted by your surgeon, it would become easier for you to get a permanent solution to your problem of baldness.

If you’re not able to slow down the rate of hair loss, eventually you would suffer from another bald patch. Owing to this very reason, it is important to reduce the rate of hair loss. Generally speaking, the hair follicles which are transplanted are more resistant to the normal balding patterns. You can make them even more resistant with the help of proper procedures which we have discussed above.

One thing which you have to, however, keep in mind is that the most suitable method of surgery should be opted otherwise; the hair surrounding the transplanted area would suffer from extended hair loss. That is why you have to consult the surgeon in order to find out which is the best method of hair regrowth.

Also, you have to let the surgeon decide the quantity of hair follicles which are to be transplanted. Once you are going according to the advice of the surgeon, it would become much easier for you to get the surgery done in the right way so that you are able to get a permanent cure to baldness.

Is hair transplant permanent – Male & Female Patients?

So, instead of being skeptical of hair transplant surgery, you have to look at the above few factors and you would be able to realize that it is actually a long-term and permanent solution which would ensure that you are able to have dense hair again on your head. The procedure is also completely safe which ensures that you are able to get it done easily by an experienced surgeon.