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Baldness treatment in Lahore at our clinic is recommended after initial consultation and check up. It is important to know cause of baldness before undergoing any treatment. Our hair specialist will take your medical and family history and complete examination of your scalp and hair in the initial consultation.  Sometimes blood tests are also suggested to make proper diagnosis. Blood tests, hair pull test, scalp biopsy and light microscopy are few tests which routinely performed at our clinic before suggesting you any baldness treatment in Lahore. Nearly one-third of men are looking for baldness treatment by the age of 35 and the number becomes significantly high once they cross 50.According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 85 percent of men face hair loss issue after they cross 50. Although there are several reasons for hair loss, the two major reasons include androgenetic alopecia and male pattern baldness.  Like numerous hair loss causes, there are several hair loss treatments as well. 

Baldness treatment in Lahore at Cosmoderma Clinic by Dr Ahmad Chaudhry
Baldness treatment through hair transplant

Baldness treatment Medications 

There are several medications available over the counter for baldness treatment. Most of these medications come in the form of topical ointments and foams. Among these medicines, the most common is Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil(Rogaine). Minoxidil was designed for treating high blood pressure. However, it had a side effect- excessive hair growth. Scientists realized that it could be effective for treating male baldness. Both of these medicines are effective, Minoxidil leads to excessive growth of hair. 

However, minoxidil has a problem the growth is not limited only to the head, in fact, it increases hair growth all over the body. On the contrary, Finasteride mainly targets the middle of the scalp and the crown. Since finasteride was initially developed for cancer treatment, thus it is imperative to keep it away from children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding. Only elderly men should be taking finasteride for treating hair loss problem. 


If you believe that taking medicines for baldness treatment is a bit over the top, you can always go for therapies. These therapies mostly involve a combination of shampoos, creams, ointments, and meeting with a specialist.


Hair transplant surgery is becoming increasingly popular over the course of time. Mainly because the surgery comes with minimal side effects and it generates outstanding results. 
The surgery is perfect for treating male pattern baldness. It involves removing hair follicles from the back of the head where they are DHT resistant and transplanting them onto the scalp.Do discuss with your specialist before getting surgery for baldness. 

Laser combs 

We have been hearing about laser treatment for hair removal, however, the laser is now the new way of treating hair loss problems. Laser combs use concentrated light in order to promote hair growth. The light stimulates hair follicles, thus it helps in regrowth of the hair. Today, many recommend laser combs for baldness treatment. The technology is new, thus it has mixed results. However, to ensure its effectiveness you need to combine it with other forms of treatment. 

Hairpieces and wigs

In case you want a non-medical way for treating baldness, you should opt for wigs or hairpieces. Modern wigs and hairpieces are much more advanced than their ancestors.  They blend in with your hair so perfectly, that it is not possible to tell the difference. In addition, if the baldness was due to a medication, your medical insurance will pay for your wig. 

Coping with hair loss 

Baldness treatment requires patience and support. Like any other condition that alters your physical appearance, coping with hair loss varies from person to person. Some men might opt for a hairstyle that hides their baldness whereas others will seek counseling. Some might even completely shave their head. If losing your hair is leading to low self-esteem, you instantly need to seek medical help.

Baldness treatment clinic in Lahore
Baldness class 6
Front view before baldness treatment at Cosmoderma clinic Lahore
Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia
Male pattern baldness treatment 2500 grafts hair transplant in Lahore 3 months later growth
2500 Grafts 3 months later 10% results
male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore
Before & After 3 months 10% hair growth

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