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latest hair transplant technique


There are two latest hair transplant techniques called Micro follicular unit extraction and DHI. With many people now becoming a victim to psycho social pressures, hair loss has increasingly become a new dilemma for people and the concern is growing each day as people find themselves unable to be stress free and these techniques are of the most use in this era. It may also be argued that we now live in the times where our lifestyle has become rather inorganic and that too plays a part in the advent of problems. The good news is that it has also led to some great developments in areas such as science, medicine and technology which have in turn led to the development of new and innovative techniques in relation to the treatment of hair loss and thinning. Thus, the treatment is now fairly harmless and more suitable for those people who may have been uncomfortable with the procedures associated with the treatment in the past. 


People who suffer from thinning nowadays can also be hopeful to protect their hair from further damage through the means of highly innovative and useful techniques. Thanks to modern technology, problems associated with miniaturization can be treated successfully and adequately. A bit of history in relation to hair transplant surgery may be relevant as well if we are to understand how much the procedure has changed and developed over the years. The very first hair transplant surgery was carried out in the 60’s and since then the treatment has become far more effective and has given successful results to people all over the world and is now seen as a reliable and safe method through which it’s possible to treat baldness.

Latest hair transplant technique lahore Pakistan

latest hair transplant technique DHI Lahore

Previously, FUT was used to treat problems associated with baldness but it no longer is the common method through which people treat their baldness problems as it has been replaced by more suitable and latest hair transplant technique most commonly known as Fue. Follicular unit extraction tends to be rather painless especially in contrast to the other technique mentioned above which is usually painful as it involves more rigorous procedure. Fue technique tends to leave no scar on the head and various complications can be avoided as well. In this technique, the surgeon will extract the grafts from the back of your head and will transplant them to certain areas of your head where you may be experiencing thinning. The process is fairly speedy as well and it takes no longer than a day to give out the best possible outcome and hence that also creates the possibility to attain the patient’s satisfaction within a day. There are variations in this technique as it’s fairly diverse in terms of the instruments through which the procedure can be applied. The doctors either use macro technique or micro follicular unit extraction technique. The procedure differs in both and different doctors usually prefer either of the two depending upon their experience and qualification. In relation to macro method, micro technique takes more time and is administered by skilled medical professionals with considerable and substantial amounts of experience. Hence, better results can be obtained through the use of this particular technique as it causes less trauma and less damage as well to one’s follicles which are located in the donor area. Many professionals may not opt for this specific technique and might prefer macro technique as it requires less time as well as less training and experience.


The latest treatments can vary with regards to the procedures associated in different methods of surgical hair loss treatments. It may also be difficult to suggest the superiority of one technique over the other as that is highly relative to the demands of the patient as well as to the skills of the doctor. Different doctors are skilled in different methods and their level of experience differs in relation to the different methods. It would be reasonable for the doctor to opt the technique which he can administer adequately causing little damage to the patient. Despite the disadvantages of FUT technique, some doctors are more skilled in administering it and hence they tend to prefer to over the fue technique. As it can be understood, although the technique matters but above that, the skills and experience of the doctor matters more than that.


In regards to different modern techniques, with all of them being used to treat hair loss, it could be said that all of them are valuable and have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to opt for the best technique, your doctor needs to consider your situation and he may decide the best fue technique for you according to your own situation.


Fue is the latest hair transplant technique used to treat baldness. It is the most suitable type of technique for those people who are looking to obtain natural and authentic results from their treatment. It also involves a very innovative and safe procedure as mentioned before. Although despite it’s various advantages, it has several disadvantages as well since it may not be affordable for the vast majority of people as it’s costly and hence it may not be cost effective as a result of the expenses involved with it. People may decide to not treat their baldness through this technique once they understand that the expenses involved with it are not worth the results. The procedure also takes time but in comparison to before, the time it takes is considerably less. All in all, fue technique can be effective as it usually gives permanent results to the patients and hence it may be argued that it’s worth the time and money. With the luxury of this modern technique, people are no longer forced to depend upon old fashioned treatments and techniques. The advancements in science and technology has led to the development of this technique and people who are suffering from hair loss can be hopeful that they will only see further developments in such techniques which will be of use to everyone experiencing hair thinning.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the latest hair restoration technique in Lahore Pakistan?

There two modern techniques

1-    Micro FUE

2-    DHI

Who is the best surgeon performing latest hair transplant technique in

Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best and top surgeon in Lahore Pakistan and expert in these techniques.

What is the cost of the latest hair restoration surgery technique in Lahore Pakistan?

The cost for both these techniques is in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupees. 

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