Baldness impact


Baldness impact on personality:

Baldness is a dermatological disorder in which a person may lose some or all of the hairs on the head or sometimes on the body. Hair loss is not associated with physical pain although it may lead sometimes itching or irritation. However it is not life threatening and is due to many factors like genetically, thyroid problems or due to treatment of cancer or environmental conditions. Baldness is a major concern with respect to personal outlook and interpersonal relationships; therefore, it may have many impacts on personality and have social and psychological effects. This may lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological impacts and it reflects on personal behavior, moods and mental state of the person.

Baldness impact on personality

Psychological impacts:

We will discuss the impact of badness on the personality. The remedies to prevent hair loss and baldness are not 100% effective may it be a use of herbs, shampoos, oil or any kind of hair transplant. The success rate is excellent in some cases and in some cases it is not very effective. Therefore, the effects of the severe baldness in many cases are very damaging and cause emotional problems which in turns lead to personal, social, marital and work related issues.

Why is hair loss so damaging to your personality?

Because this is the first thing you notice about a person. It is the thing that determines your personality. For many people hair is what makes them beautiful. So visible scalp without hair can be very devastating.

 Psychological baldness impact in men:

It is equally disturbing for men and women. But for men it will not be a necessary condition for getting married although they feel unattractive because of this issue. There are certain other things in men that can compensate for their hair loss like good income, attractive personality and other traits etc. But some men have low self-esteem when they suffer. They may also have problems in work places and relationships.

Baldness impact - low self esteem

Psychological baldness impact in women:

In women hair represents a major role in gender identification and thus refers to beauty items and long voluminous hairs represent their youth and beauty. Therefore in women, the effects are more damaging than in men. The females who experience it may have problems of depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. Because they feel or in fact they find difficulty in searching a good partner if they do not have beautiful hair. They spend loads of money just to maintain good hair care even from their childhood. They are extra vigilant for their styles and shades. Therefore they feel depressed and stressed when they are starting to have hair loss problems due to any reason. Because luscious, long strand is a dream of every woman for her beauty

They feel deprived of something very big in their personality due to this problem. They feel that they are socially unacceptable. Because female hair loss has not largely been accepted by our society.

There are many reasons like stress, medication, hormonal, pregnancy and nutritional. But whatever the reason, this issue for women is more devastating than in men because for men  it refers to  a growing age, maturity etc. but for women it refers to a loss of femininity  or sexuality and therefore leads to many effects on their personality. There are many options at hair transplant clinic Lahore which include surgical as well as medical like low level laser therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, stem cell injections and hair regrowth medicines. 

The psychological effects can be as follows:

  1. Character and behavioral changes
  2. Lower self-esteem.
  3. Psychologically pain full
  4. Discomfort in front of others
  5. Depression
  6. Anxiety
  7. Stress
  8. Anger and hostile behavior

Whatever is the cause of it, facing the problem and dealing with society in a positive way is the right attitude. This attitude is necessary to help the mental well-being and to fight with the psychological impacts on the personality.

Ways to cope with hair loss:

There are many ways to deal with emotional sides  which includes:

Reminding yourself that it is not life threatening: it may be unattractive and unpleasant but at least it will not cost your life. There are many other people who are fighting for their lives every day.

Consulting with a hair transplant surgeon: You can find alternatives for the issue like styles for thin hairs, some attractive wigs, and also go for a hair transplant.

Consulting with the Psychologist:  You can always get help from the Psychologist to talk about the problems you are dealing with due to this cosmetic issue.  He will tell you many ways to increase your self-esteem and recognize your inner abilities.

Can we treat baldness impact in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, we can reverse baldness impact through a combined approach. Patient needs support from Psychologist/ psychiatrist and a surgeon. After getting clearance from Psychiatrist, we can transplant surgery in case of hair loss and these will grow lifelong so the emotional impact of baldness can be reversed. 

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