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Life of Hair Transplant Results

After a restoration treatment, a common question that arises is “what is the life of hair transplant results”? Typically the results are long-lasting and considered permanent. As soon as the treatment finishes a visible density is noticeable. But they do not start to re-grow right after treatment. It takes almost 3 to 9 months to grow new hair from planted follicles. Not in all cases, out-turns are similar. Many factors affect the out-turns such as the patient’s age, scalp type, health conditions, etc. To get the most out of it an expert, and experienced physician is necessary.

Permanent donor area forever results

Life of hair transplant results:

The hair restoration surgery involves removing healthy follicles from a donor site. The donor site can be the back of the head and in some cases other parts of the body such as the chest beard, armpits, legs, or pubic area. These follicles are separated under the microscope and then planted into the bald area one by one.

The process is done using different techniques, FUE or FUT, or a combination of both. These techniques produce permanent results because transplanted FUs grow naturally. After grafting into the bald area. The skin takes some time to heal. It is normal to experience a shedding after three weeks of the procedure. The healing takes 24 hours to 72 hours. Once the healing period is over. The planted follicles will start growing new healthy hair. The bald patches or thin frontal lines will be filled with new growth. This growth will continue the same as the natural growth cycle till an older age. But these follicles have a similar survival span as the rest of the others. At a certain age, they will stop producing as much hair as they were before.

Factors that affect life of hair transplant results:

Although the outcome is permanent and life-long. Many factors affect graft survival. Important factors include:

  • Patient’s overall health conditions
  • medication
  • Characteristics of hair
  • Operative technique
  • Surgeons skill and experience
  • Insufficient aftercare

Does fue hair transplant results lifelong

Patient’s overall health conditions;

A patient’s overall health is a major factor that determines the permanency of transplantation. Usually, men suffer from baldness more than women. Androgenic alopecia in men is caused by the DHT factor, a transplant will bring long-lasting out-turns if planted grafts have DHT resistant generic make-up. Similarly, hormonal balance, thyroid disease anemia, vitamin, biotin, zinc deficiencies should be addressed if longer survival.

Operative technique

Suitable restoration technique creates a massive difference. After a detailed examination of hair type, scalp health, degree of baldness. A suitable technique is recommended. Applying the right technique to the right person enhances the outcome. The most modern recommended techniques that are FUT and FUE.

Characteristics of hair

Characteristics like curliness, waviness, texture, color, scalp flexibility give the greatest aesthetic benefits and affect the outcome and durability. Genetic diseases can cause harm to planted grafts. they should be properly treated.


The use of some medicines can cause damage to the transplanted shafts. Some of them are thyroid drugs, steroids, weight-loss drugs, chemotherapy, birth control pills, some kinds of antibiotics, anticlotting drugs, Cholesterol-lowering drugs, drugs that suppress the immune system, anti-hypertensives. They shorten both normal and planted follicle’s survival time.

Sufficient aftercare:

Taking good care and following the doctor’s instructions properly expands the existence period of transplanted grafts. In the initial days to ensure a fast recovery and permanency following post-operative instruction is important. In case of any swelling, infection, itching patient should immediately consult a doctor. Even after the initial time, a proper hygienic hair regime should be followed.

Surgeons skill and experience:

A well-trained and highly skilled professional is a must for a successful procedure. Only such professionals can advise and perform surgery expertly. For example, inexperienced or amateur surgeons can over harvest grafts that will affect the growth. Moreover, if something goes wrong during surgery a well-equipped, experienced surgeon can handle the situation and prevent further loss. Only a surgeon’s expertise can bring up good outcomes

Healthy tips for long life of hair transplant results:

After the treatment, it becomes more important to take special care of overall scalp health. here are some tips to follow:

Eat healthily:  take a healthy diet. Include fruits, vegetables. Meat to the daily will provide vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron that will help in the growth and wellness of the scalp

Less shampooing: although shampoos are made to clean your scalp. But too much of it can strip off natural oils and minerals that keep them healthy. Avoid shampoos with excessive fragrance and chemicals. Avoid products containing, paraben, sulfates, and mineral oils. These ingredients dry up the skin and cause shedding.

Avoid excessive heat treatments: try not to use hot air drying instead buy a dryer that has a cool air option. Use a straightener below 300 degrees. Use heat-protecting products.

Short lengths, lose styling: try to keep short lengths. for longer lengths  loose ponytails, braids are a good option


The life of hair transplant results is permanent but it varies from person to person. The permanency depends on an individual’s health conditions and well-performed procedure by an expert.

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