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PRF hair loss

PRF hair loss treatment in Lahore is offered by our clinic under the supervision of foreign qualified specialist. Many people might confuse themselves with the term platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). Both of them are known to be the best and superior procedures of hair fall control and regrowth, but there are a few basic differences that make them different from one another.

PRF hair loss treatment result Lahore

PRF hair loss treatment Lahore 

Platelet Rich Fibrin is considered to be a superior hair restoration process with which you can have new growth of hairs in a healthy texture. One similarity between the two procedures has been the requirement of blood draw but PRF requires a less amount. Right through this guide, we will explain to you all about the PRF hair loss treatment and how this hair restoration treatment works.

Before PRF hair treatment Lahore Pakistan

PRF hair regrowth treatment result

Overview of Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment (PRF)

Platelet-rich fibrin is an advanced method that is used for the treatment of hair loss. Over the last long decades, this treatment has been used by orthopedics and dentistry. Human blood is based on white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Once the blood is spun in a certain way, it will produce platelet rich fibrin.

It is a combination of white blood cells, fibrin, platelets, and stem cells. Platelets are based on growth factors and proteins that can increase collagen reproduction, tighten the skin, regenerate tissue growth, or improve hair regrowth, and much more.

Crown area before regrowth therapy

Crown hair growth after PRF therapy results


Total 3 to 4 sessions required for maximum growth to be visible 

Working Process of Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment (PRF)

Now let’s talk about the working procedure of Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment! Throughout this whole process of hair restoration blood is drawn which is equal to the amount you need for typical lab work. This blood is then placed in centrifuge machine, which starts operating at a lower speed to let the stem cells and white blood cells stay together with plasma and blood platelets. This is how PRF will be ready for injection. After it, the surgeon will wash your scalp and apply some topical anesthesia so any sort of pain or discomfort can be reduced. The surgeon will inject into those areas of the scalp where you have thin hairs. These are shallow injections that are around one half-inch in length. After the recovery of PRF hair loss treatment, you will be able to get back to your daily routine by experiencing a new healthy regrowth of hairs.

Best treatment hair growth

Regrow hair without hair transplant
When you can expect new hair growth?

The entire goal of expecting new hair growth is two-fold. First of all, the follicles have to stop their transition for a longer period into its resting phase of the hair growth cycle. Second and most important of all, these follicles should be given a specific growth factor, platelets, and stem cells to allow them to return to their previous growth phase. You will witness a marked decrease in the hair thinning or shedding. Afterward, you will experience real growth of hairs in the first 2-3 months.

Preparation for Platelet Rich Fibrin Treatment (PRF)

The surgeon will ask you about specific medications or supplements which you have been already taking. They will recommend you to stop taking any sort of anti-inflammatory medications or supplements because it can cause bruising and bleeding. Apart from that, hydrate your body as much as possible at least 3 days before the session.

Aftercare Tips

Although there are no specific recovery medications or supplements which you have to take after the surgery! In case you feel any sort of soreness, you can take some over-the-counter pain medication prescribed by the doctor. Avoid using ice packs on the scalp because the cold can eventually inhibit the PRF activity. After every session, your scalp will experience some redness or pink color which you don’t need to worry about. Plus, you should also keep your scalp away from certain hair styling products such as coloring, blow dry, or curling.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

  1. Are you the right candidate for PRF hair treatment?

This treatment is not sufficient for people who are already suffering from cancer or chemotherapy procedures. Men who smoke are not eligible for this surgery.

  1. What you should avoid after PRF hair restoration treatment?

You should completely avoid using any sort of anti-inflammatories and ice packs at the treated area of your scalp for maximum of 5 days. If you feel a little soreness or discomfort, you can take Tylenol.

  1. When you will experience a new hair growth?

To get a new healthy regrowth of hairs, you have to cross yourself through 3 sessions of hair treatment.

In how many hours a PRF treatment can be performed?

PRF hair loss treatment in Lahore can be successfully performed in maximum of 45 minutes. One hour is required to prepare the scalp for treatment with some numbing cream.

Is PRF treatment painful?

This treatment is based on the use of numerous injections so it might make you feel a little pinching or stinging sensation on the scalp.

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