Hair transplant young patient

Hair transplant young patient


Hair transplant surgery in a young patient Lahore Pakistan is performed after scalp examination, family history of baldness pattern as well as expectation after the procedure.  Hair is the most important part of your personality. It not only makes you attractive but also it gives you confidence. But if you don’t give the required attention it starts to fall. The problem causes many problems and you start to lose your confidence and limit your gathering. To avoid such a situation, you should take care of your personality and invest a reasonable time for a long time. But shedding also happens despite enough care and attention. There can be many reasons. It might be possible for you to have a family history regarding it. Mental stress, trauma, physical health, environment, or many other reasons can be the reason for baldness. You can face this problem in any age group. This disease mostly happens in males. Women are the least victim of this disease. In middle age, most people decide to go for the surgical procedure. That is the best suited time because, at this time, the process reaches its end. Young people can also go for hair transplant surgery but it is less suggested to the younger patients.

 How young can you be to get a hair transplant?

 An embellishment of hair like dying, cutting, or styling gives you a quite modern and new look. Everybody wants to look younger, smarter and stylish. It changes your getup completely. If you are bald, you lose your personality charm and look older. You should think of hair restoration surgery. This way you will be able to enhance your look and you will look smarter and younger. Nobody can judge the real age. You can be pretty appealing and this will ultimately enhance your confidence. You can go ahead in any phase of life. No shame, no shyness can be a hurdle in your way anymore.

Can I get a hair transplant at 25?

There are certain stages of follicle development.

Hair pattern

The nourishment procedure does not remain the same. It changes over time. There are different stages and according to that hair nourish, grow or fall.

  • The anagen stage: at this stage the hair grows continuously and follicles generate new hair. Every day 100 strands grow on our scalp daily.
  • the catagen stage: this stage starts when the anagen period ends. It is a transitional point. It remains two to three weeks. After that time the hair stops to grow and it does not remain in its active form.
  • the telogen stage: It is the phase when the follicles do not generate new strands on the scalp rather the hair remains for almost 100 days.
  • the exogen stage: this is the phase when your scalp starts shedding. Usually, falling off 100 strands per day is normal. But when more hairs start to fall off you become bald.

So, to have the hair implantation surgery at 25 is appropriate for you. You can easily go for it as having surgery is a piece of cake.

Can you have a hair transplant at 21?

As mentioned above that there is a development pattern and hairs go through certain stages. Like human beings, these also go through four different stages. There is no set pattern or law for implantation. However, there is not a specific hard and tough rule about age for getting hair back. The younger patient should wait unless the doctor determines the date for you. The surgeons are experienced and skilled, they better know the best suitable time for you for the procedure. So, you should avoid going unprofessional for the hair restoration surgery.

At what age can you have a hair transplant?

When you are above 25 and you are facing hair fall. You can go for grafting. After 25 the pattern gets determined. Even the doctor can decide whether you are a good candidate for implantation or not. In this kind of surgery, the follicles are transplanted in the patient’s scalp which starts to grow later on. Clearly, it is stated that there is no specific age group that is confined for the process. You can have it when you feel it is necessary. Most of the time people decide according to the condition.

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