Best hair transplant in Lahore

Best hair transplant

The Best hair transplant in Lahore is performed at our clinic where our talented , foreign qualified and experienced surgeon will give natural , thick and dense frontal hairline. People often try to find from internet the best hair restoration surgeon in Lahore and ultimately decide on the basis of impressive results. Best hair restoration result or clinic is the phrase which we found the most in the search history of those people who are suffering from a serious problem called baldness. There are many techniques and methods present in this regard but Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the updated treatment. It is preferred over the old conventional methods such as FUT which is also known as strip excision method, due to its significant advantages. In this technique, doctors widely use special instruments like micro motors to pluck out grafts along with the follicles from the skin of the donor areas. It is practiced under local anesthesia. Around about 4000 grafts are needed for treating complete baldness and each graft must contain around 2 to 4 hairs along with the follicles attached. After the grafts have been plucked out, they are planted in the skin of the recipient area. This whole method takes almost 6 to 7 hours for the completion.

Best hair transplant in Lahore Technique 

Best hair transplant like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a modern technique, which for the first time took place in the 1990s. Australian doctors discovered this new method to extract follicles after observing that patients feel unnecessary pain due to the cutting of large bands of scalp. This technique started gaining much importance since early 2000s and now it becomes preferable over other. In this method which is highly proven and invasive outpatient procedure, follicular unit grafts containing small number of follicles are individually removed from the donor’s stronger areas of scalp and very professionally restored to the recipient’s thinning and bald areas. It is a very comfortable method for the patients as the donor areas heal in just a couple of days due to the reason behind it, there are no scars and stitches. The physicians all over the world use this method for the recreation of permanent and natural looking results.

Best hair transplant in Lahore Results

The best hair restoration technique like FUE has many advantages. The head of the patient appears natural after the treatment. The results or outcomes are quite promising and long lasting. The success rate of this special technique is around 98% and most important, it is the permanent treatment of baldness. During treatment, there is no need of stitches due to smaller circular incisions which are given before extraction of graft units. The small wounds which are left behind heal themselves. And there are no scars left in the end after complete recovery. Patients can continue their normal routine work after almost two days. As discussed before, the follicles are planted along with graft units, growth will continue at the normal pace, so those people who fear of getting bald again, should be at ease. There is no need of getting this transplant again and again because outcomes are quite permanent. Grafts may fall off after a few days but this phenomenon is quite natural and growth will continue in the residing follicles later on. After one year, the complete results can be observed.

The best hair restoration in Lahore Price

The best surgical hair loss treatment method, according to the doctors’ choice is FUE technique. But it has some drawbacks like it is a little bit costly  and the cost of this treatment lies in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 300,000. This Cost varies depending upon the specialist doctors and surgeons who are consulted for the treatment, the number of grafts planted and the facilitation center or hospital from where this surgical treatment has been practiced. But despite of its high cost, people prefer FUE over the other techniques available because of its significant success and promising results

Best hair transplant in Lahore Reviews

The best hair regrowth technique is FUE and almost all the doctors worldwide recommend it to their patients after prescribing them medical treatment as a foremost approach. It is being done all around the world and many people are enjoying its beneficial results. At the end of the whole discussion, we can say that FUE technique is a great achievement and success in the field of cosmetic surgery and it has many advantages which are lacking in the old conventional methods. Just like in all over the world, FUE technique has also gained much popularity in Pakistan as well. It is also preferable over other transplant methods in Pakistan because of its advantages and comfort for patients.