Fue 2921 grafts


Fue 2921 grafts hair transplant Arifwala procedure performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan. There is no hair restoration clinic in Arifwala due to the small town and people travel to our clinic Lahore for their baldness treatment.

The most common cause of hair loss is male sex hormone called testosterone which convert into active form and attaches to the receptor in the root of hair. This attachment of DHT hormone results in thinning of hair and ultimately shedding or visible baldness.

Fue 2921 grafts procedure was performed to cover the frontal half of the head. These follicles will start their growth 3 months after the procedure. There are two types of techniques to treat male or female pattern baldness.

1-      FUT

2-      FUE

Every person wants minimum trauma or pain so follicular unit extraction is least painful. Due to this nature of procedure and excellent results, majority people prefer it and select this technique. Follicular unit extraction does not involve any incision or cut and there are no more stitches in it. Healing and recovery are within 24 to 48 hours.

Fue hair transplant Arifwala patient procedure detail 

Procedure date14 September 2021
Patient age31 years
Baldness typeNW type 5
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Duration6 hours

Grafts detail 

GraftshairsSingle graftsDouble graftsTriple graftsSession
2921536684717033711 day

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Male pattern baldness Arifwala

Coverage area marking

Hairline designing

Grafts extraction donor area marking

Left side Fue donor area

Fue 2921 grafts donor area healing

Fue hair transplant-frontal area 2921 grafts


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