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Body hair transplant specialist clinic in Lahore Pakistan will give you impressive look and full head of hair by taking grafts from body. All the people want to have beautiful hairs but hair fall is one of the most common problem not only in aged people as well as in young ones too. Now a day’s body hair transplantation is the best solution to overcome this problem. First of all we have to understand that what body transplant is actually. BHT is a method in which hair follicle from legs, chest, back side of head and face beard are taken and planted on hairless body areas. Those areas of body that have hairs are donor areas and where these hairs are planted known as recipient areas. Hairs transplantation is not only for the hairs of head but it is also for planting hairs on eyebrows, eyelashes as well. This body hair to head procedure is known as BHT .

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Body hair transplant really works

In this method every individual unit of follicle is removed from the body without any skin tissue and is planted on bald areas of the body. This is the advanced method of hair restoration. This method is more costly as compared to strip harvesting because each follicle is removed individually. This is a time taking surgery but FUE gives more natural and reliable results then strip harvesting and it leaves not a single mark on the skin. FUE procedure patient recover in short period of time. Whereas FUE Neo Graft still takes hours to complete and it is performed in a relaxed environment. After doing FUE procedure surgeon recommend shampooing to avoid scabs to form around the shafts of hair. The patients have shampoo after a day or two of surgery. Within two months of surgery the new planted follicle start growing normally and give very natural results.

Body hair to head

Body hair transplantation is an advanced and reliable method to grow hairs on those areas of body where there are no hair or if someone has fewer hairs. Now a day large number of people are using this procedure to overcome their baldness. Especially people belonging to media are adopting it in large numbers. So if you have hair loss on your head or your hairs are fall down then there is no needs to worry just go for hair restoration. You can restore hairs on your head, eyebrows, and eyelashes or where ever you want. Body hair transplant specialist clinic in Lahore Pakistan is a unique where people travel from different parts of the world for an affordable cost as well as get best results from an experienced surgeon.

 Body hair transplant Side effects

Body hair transplantation which is a useful technique besides this everything has some side effects.  BHT procedure has some side effects too like hair thinning but it is temporary side effects which heal with the time. Redness and slight swelling may occur in the donor or recipient area for few hours to few days. No need to worry as it will heal and there will be no more redness in the donor or recipient area. Sometimes itching or irritation may occur due to healing process.

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