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Hair transplant Abu Dhabi patient got his second procedure for his mid scalp baldness treatment from our clinic abroad. Few years earlier he got frontal zone hair restoration surgery via Fue technique. After getting a good result, he made all his travel arrangements and our front desk staff provided him all help regarding hotel reservation, pick / drop from airport. Baldness is a common cosmetic problem among men and females also suffer pattern baldness. Our clinic is successfully treating international customers with the latest equipment and Board-Certified surgeon. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a world-Renowned hair restoration surgeon with more than 22 years experience in this field. He has treated thousand cases successfully among male and female patients. He did specialization from Rene Descartes University Paris France and Claude Bernard University Lyon France.

Hair transplant Abu Dhabi patient details

Procedure date22 Aug 2022
Patient age 30 years 
Baldness area4.5 cm L X 14.5 cm W = 65.25 square centimeter
PlanMid scalp area coverage
TechniqueDHI- FUE
Donor areaBack & sides
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Fue hair transplant Abu Dhabi patients step by step photos 

Hair transplant Abu Dhabi patient


Mid scalp baldness marking

Trimming and shaving before Fue procedure


Donor area marking


24 hours later Fue donor area


Top view mid scalp hair restoration day one


Baldness treatment Abu Dhabi patient abroad

Fue hair restoration cost Abu Dhabi Vs Pakistan

 Grafts  Abu Dhabi  Pakistan  Days PRP 
 1.00 graft 10 Dirham 1.50 Dirham Nil Nil
 1000 10,000 AED 1500 AED 1 day Included 
 2000 20,000  AED 3000  AED 1 day included
 2500 25,000  AED 3750  AED 1 day  included 
 300030,000 Dirham 4500 Dirham 1 day  included 
 350035,000 Dirham5250 Dirham 1 day  included 
 400040,000 Dirham6000 Dirham 2 days  included 

How many sessions are possible ?

Normally, 2 to 3 sessions are routine for many individuals. However, some people have less donor area or are consumed by previous procedures then we can take from beard, chest and body.

Ideal candidate for hair restoration procedure

Any one can get this treatment provided there should be visible baldness patches. Normally, 25 years of age is the minimum for this procedure. However, selection of the case for treatment depends upon physical examination, expectation of result, pattern hair loss and donor area grafts availability. 

How to make travel arrangements?

If you live in Abu Dhabi, get a valid visa from the Pakistan Embassy and you can make a reservation on any airline. Total duration is 2.30 minutes from Abu Dhabi to Lahore. Our staff will make all arrangements for you like pick / drop, hotel reservation near the clinic, Laboratory tests, post op washing and safe return. If you are taking any medicine or have any health issue, please inform us in advance so that we can guide you accordingly. 

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