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Scalp treatment for hair fall includes its diagnosis first. Before making it, the doctor makes a physical examination and asks about the diet plan of the patient, his/her hair care routine, medical and family histories. Doctor may prescribe some tests like blood tests (to reveal medical conditions causing the fall), pull test (doctor pulls them gently and check how many come out for determining phase of shading process), scalp biopsy (some samples of scraped skin or few plucked them from scalp are kept for examining the roots of hair under microscope which helps to determine the loss causing infection), light microscopy (specialized instrument is used by doctor for the examining of hair that have been trimmed at their bases to uncover their shaft’s possible disorders).


Scalp treatment for hair loss Lahore


Effective scalp treatments for hair fall are available to reverse the loss or to slow it. In some conditions like patchy hair loss or alopecia areata, regrowth occurs within a year without any treatment. Treatments include surgery and medications. In case of any infection that causes loss of hair, that diagnosed disease is treated. But if loss or fall is due to some kind of medication then the doctor advises to stop using those for a few months in order to stop this loss. After a few months these are prescribed to use again. These medicines have their own benefits and side effects that should be kept in mind too.

Some of the common medicines used for scalp treatment for hair fall are minoxidil and Finasteride.  Minoxidil or Rogaine comes in the forms of liquid, shampoo and foam. For effective action products should be applied to scalp one (females) or two times (males) daily. It is preferably applied in foam to wet hair. Minoxidil containing products aid in regrowth of hair and reduce the rate of fall or loss. Approximately six months are required for preventing treatment and for initiating regrowth. Few more additional months are required to tell whether treatment is working or not. If it is effective then use of this medicine is kept continued for retaining benefits. Finasteride (Propecia) is another prescribed drug for males. It is taken daily as a pill. Patients taking it experience a slow rate of loss/fall, some may experience new growth. In a few months, results can be seen. So, it should be kept for retaining its benefits. This medication might not be effective for men over the age of 60. Other medicines include spironolactone (Carospir, Aldactone) and oral dutasteride (Avodart).

Another option of scalp treatment for hair fall is transplantation surgery. Mostly in people the top area of the head is affected. So, transplant or restoration surgery is capable of solving the issue of baldness or fall. During this process, a surgeon (cosmetologist or dermatologist) usually removes the hair from the head and transplants them to the areas that have experienced baldness. Each graft has few of them. Sometimes, a larger strip is taken and is transplanted along the scalp to the recipient site. This procedure does not need hospitalization but it is quite painful so sedating medicines are given to ease discomfort. Possible risks of this method are bleeding, swelling, bruising and infection. More than one surgery might be performed for better results depending upon the condition of the patient. Hereditary loss or fall is progressed eventually in spite of transplant. Surgical procedures may or may not be covered by insurance companies. Another method of treatment is laser therapy. This has been approved by Food and Drug Administration at a low-level laser device for treating hereditary hair loss in men and women. Density is found to be improved by this method as shown by many studies. But more research is needed in this field for revealing its long-term benefits and effects.

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