Hair restoration challenges and solution

Hair restoration challenges

Hair restoration challenges and solutions appeal to many of us who have experienced some issues relating to their hair treatments. As hair is an essential part of our beauty that is why multiple types of hair restoration procedures, as well as products, appeal to us a lot. Before you get into something like this and face some problems, get your handsome piece of information regarding the restoration challenges and their solutions. All types of practitioners are aware of how to tackle the patients who are investing their time and money. But do not listen to them and do your research first and then get into any sort of hair treatment. One should know the credibility of the process they will opt to look presentable. The aesthetic specialist should make you aware of the pros and cons of the treatment, but they show you only one side and do not tell you about the potential risks. You may get rashes or red patches while being treated, the FUE and FUT may need a year or more to show positive results, while being treated you must not use any styling product or do any harsh styling which may affect your growth. One must ask for the details or may contact the one who has gone through such treatments to understand the time and patience needed for this cosmetic surgery. Whereas some people would not like to reveal that they have gone through this treatment. Although looking good and attractive everyone is right.

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Hair restoration challenges and solutions include one sided information by the companies that are selling hair growth products. They won’t let you know that every product will not give good results to everyone, but they will try to cover it to sell their product and mention some of the milder side effects. So, one should ask a reliable source to give the review of the product before using it and remember everyone’s reason for baldness cannot be the same so do get yourself thoroughly checked by the specialist and ask him to prescribe the reliable and efficient medicine or lotion, etc. There can be a scar on the scalp when the follicles are grafted in case of FUE and FUT. Nowadays some aesthetic specialists use the ECM (Extracellular Matrix) to help in treating and improving the scars. Amongst the major causes of male pattern baldness is the increased amount of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Blocking the Dihydrotestosterone is one of the modes of treatment and the remedy available in the market for this purpose is Finasteride. But do read the side effects and complications in detail before using it. Another rapidly emerging mode of treatment for hair regrowth is low-level laser therapy which helps in the regrowing of hair again. This highly effective therapy if you have any kind of wound on your scalp. The follicles enter the anagen phase of growth after getting stimulation. They stay in the anagen phase for a longer period. But it can affect the newly growing hairs to some extents so do proper research before adopting it. Therefore, FUE and FUT have been found to be very effective. Sometimes due to some severe allergies or some sort of disease one may not have hair on the scalp that would be required for grafting. Then grafts are being obtained from other parts of the body and are being transplanted to the recipient area of the patient. Thus, before going for any sort of hair restoration treatment, you must know the drawbacks as well as the benefits of the treatment you will adopt for yourself and do not put an ear to everyone. Only listen to specialist during consultation at his clinic because he has studied many years such kinds of problems and knows how to solve. We are specialists in Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan and maximum number of grafts are extracted for the best results so that one has to avoid opting for the procedure again and again. 

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