Exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan

Exosomes treatment in Lahore Pakistan is performed at our clinic under the supervision of a foreign qualified specialist. How does exosome work? Is it safe? These questions pinch your mind, so you don’t need to worry. Here to give you knowledge about how this therapy works, its benefits, and side effects. All the best information, so keep reading and find the solution to your problem. 

Exosomes hair growth treatment Lahore

Exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan

Exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan- The best clinic 

This therapy emerged as a promising avenue for hair regrowth due to their unique therapeutic properties and fewer side effects. These tiny extracellular vesicles secreted by various cells in the body have been found to play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication and tissue regeneration. When utilized, Exosomes offers a targeted and the best solution by stimulating the growth of follicles and promoting the restoration of dormant follicles. This new technology holds great potential to transform the field of hair restoration, providing a safe and natural alternative for individuals. This seeks to restore their hairline and confidence. This kind of procedure is safe as it utilizes the body’s natural cell signalling processes and has few side effects. These are derived from the patient’s cells or healthy donors, reducing the risk of immune rejection or allergic reactions.
Here we can focus on the different aspects of this therapy. 

Hair growth treatment result Lahore

Before treatment crown area

Hair regrowth results 50 days later

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Solution

Hair loss can be an awful experience for both men and women. Countless individuals seek practical solutions to restore their natural hair growth, leading to advancements in the field of hair restoration. One such groundbreaking solution is using this, tiny extracellular vesicles that hold immense likelihood in hair regeneration.

The role of Exosomes in hair regrowth

These are Nano sized vesicles that play an essential role in cell-to-cell communication. Released by various cells in the body, including stem cells, its contain proteins, growth factors, and genetic material that facilitate intercellular communication and the transfer of vital instructions for cellular regeneration. It contain shown promise in promoting hair regrowth by carrying potent growth factors to the follicles. These growth factors stimulate the dormant hair cells, encouraging them to re-enter the active growth phase, leading to thicker and fuller hair.

How Does Exosome work?

This therapy involves extracting and isolating it from various sources, such as mesenchymal stem cells. These are injected directly into the scalp, targeting the areas experiencing hair thinning or loss. These are penetrate deep into the follicles and release potent growth factors, triggering hair restoration at the cellular level. This kind of therapy works by using the therapeutic properties of these, which are tiny extracellular vesicles that play a vital role in cell-to-cell communication. When applied to the scalp or injected into the affected area, these stimulate the growth of follicles and rejuvenate dormant follicles. These are also contain growth factors, proteins, and genetic material that aid in promoting hair growth and improving hair quality.

Do exosomes work on crown areas?

It is an excellent therapy for crown area and one can see improvement in terms of density and increase in diameter in 25 days. However, its maximum results will take 6 to 9 months. Below are images taken by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic. 
Before stem cells
Stem cells hair results Lahore
Exosomes treatment results Lahore Pakistan 

Extensive research and clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of this kind of therapy in hair regrowth. Studies have shown remarkable improvements in density, overall quality, and reduction in hair loss after this procedure. These findings provide hope for individuals seeking long-lasting and natural solutions to their hair loss concerns.

Thinning hair before

Exosomes results Lahore Pakistan


This therapy offers several advantages over traditional hair restoration methods, such as hair transplant surgery or prescription medications. These advantages include minimal invasiveness, no scarring, natural-looking results, and the ability to stimulate dormant follicles, promoting long-term regrowth. Moreover, this type of procedure is non-invasive. It does not require surgical interventions, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a safe and effective regenerative solution. However, consulting a qualified medical professional is essential to determine if this therapy is appropriate for an individual’s condition.

Side Effects

This type of therapy is considered a safe and well-tolerated option with minimal risk of adverse effects. As these are derived from the patient’s cells or responsible sources, the risk of rejection or allergic reactions is significantly reduced.

Exosomes treatment costs Lahore Pakistan

This new emerging option is very economical and affordable at our clinic as our clinic directly imports and does not involve any distributor so middleman profit we can pass to our patients benefits. One session typical will cost you 75000 Rs at our clinic. We do not directly this procedure to every patient rather , our consultant Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry evaluate scalp condition, hair damage, reason for thinning or baldness and we have several option which are economical and result oriented.

Can we regrow hair through Exosomes?

It is not necessary that every person get results from this hair regrowth treatment. It works in some cases and mostly does not work. However, this therapy is sometimes effective to control hair fall and a few months later one can also see some improvement in growth. It is not a miracle option or therapy. 
Why do we need hair transplant if Exosomes grow hair in the bald head? 
If someone has a completely bald scalp and no vellus or baby hair are visible with the naked eye or under microscope then Exosomes or any other therapy can not regenerate hair and it will be a total failure. Therefore such candidates should opt for hair transplant surgery whether FUT or FUE technique. 


The exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan contains enormous potential as a complete hair regrowth therapy. Using cellular communication’s power, it can stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote natural hair rejuvenation. Now you know its great benefits and significantly fewer side effects, so it is accessible to you for your decision. In conclusion, exosomes have shown great potential. Their ability to promote cellular growth and regeneration in follicles make them a promising alternative to traditional hair loss solutions. While more research is needed to fully understand the effectiveness and safety, the initial results are promising. With further development and testing, this could become a game-changer in the hair loss industry, providing a potentially less invasive and more effective solution to hair loss. So, if you struggle with hair loss, it may be the answer you have been searching for to unveil a full head of healthy strength for your perfect look and hairstyle.

“If you are searching for exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan and want to regenerate your lost hair without hair transplant surgery (FUT or FUE or hybrid ) then visit our clinic as our consultant will examine your scalp and takes photographic computer analysis, let you know chances of naturally growing hair. If some of your friends are also looking for an affordable exosomes treatment Lahore Pakistan then please forward all above information”
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