Crown vertex hair transplant


Crown Vertex hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is an exclusive procedure for hair regrowth on the head. In other words, the transplantation is carried out on to the skull’s vertex or the apex region. Mostly the crown area needs hair restoration in combination with other areas or separately. These types of procedures are considered to be challenging as extreme exit angle changes i.e. a whorl or a spiral pattern exist in the top area and their recreation should be precisely accurate for a flawless natural outcome. Moreover, this area usually has broad areas of baldness requiring transplantation on vertex or crown area, ensuring the need for a lot of grafts in this part.

Vertex is a word having Latin origin referring to “the top” of the scalp. It holds a really important place in hair transplant on vertex or crown area. To be honest, the peak zone of the head seems to be a bit prominent, specifically when it comes to thinning, hair loss, or other cosmetic abnormalities. Apparently, the baldness can be seen clearly so this patch results in extreme upsetting for some people. In turn, these features can lead towards sadness, social distancing or decreased self-esteem.



In the procedure of hair transplant on the vertex or crown area, initially, the person’s shape is determined with great care. The measurement of all roots protruding out is done by observing the outlet angle of the hair in that region. Whereas, the healthy roots in the donor section are relocated to the vertex. The follicles are taken out from the rear side of the head and are placed in the bald region. It usually takes nearly 4 to 6 hours to be completed. Also, needles are used to make small slits to fix the follicles on the recipient area called as a bald area of the head. Majority of the people have baldness in the top region of the head. It might be possible that after a single session of hair restoration on the vertex area, you still lack sufficient density of hair depending upon your needs. So it’s equally possible to get another appointment in a few months. Hair transferred to the vertex area gets to its natural best look after around 12 months. In this region, the scalp surface is a slightly thick and hard, so it is more problematic to feed the roots, the  follicles might grow slowly.

Deciding whether hair transplant on vertex or crown area is the best choice to treat baldness in the crown area, it must wisely be centered on a number of aspects counting the level of hair loss, the prospect of further baldness (the likelihood of having adequate donor grafts over time to swap new balding parts), and the capability to give regular look giving natural vibes in the area using hair restoration . As far as the cost is concerned, hair transplant clinic Lahore package for top of head area can  differ significantly from patient to patient, depending mainly on the area of baldness to be treated and the hair thickness desirable to attain natural results. Eventually, these elements will decide the total number of grafts essential for crown transplant surgery, and also the number of procedures to be carried out in the future.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the best surgeon for crown Vertex area hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the best surgeon who is performing this procedure routinely by placing 2500 to 3000 grafts in the top of head area. He is qualified and trained from Paris France and an experienced doctor.

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