Avoid combined FUT and FUE hair transplant


Hybrid transplant is a new rave in the world of hair transplant but soon enough a myriad of issues has surfaced which urges patients to avoid combined FUT and FUT hair transplant. As the name is given away, it is a combination of the traditional strip or FUT transplant with the modern FUE procedure. Initially pitched as the ultimate version of transplant surgery, responsible practitioners and patients have come out to warn people to avoid combined FUT and FUE hair transplant because of its controversial nature.

This latest technique in practice is fairly straightforward. Usually FUT is performed first, followed by FUE procedure to supplement the number of follicles that have been transplanted in the balding areas. In case of acute baldness, follicles are extracted from beard and chest areas to pack the scalp with maximum volume. The procedure claims to plant up to five or six thousand grafts in the procedure, on the very same day! Needless to say, the procedure is tedious and exhausting, mentally and physically. The scarring is quite apparent and alleviates in about 2 to 3 weeks. Once the procedure is over, it seems like the patient never had any hair loss issues to begin with. Hybrid transplant is an ideal for severe hair loss patients who want a jam-packed head and expect good result. It is also suitable for a advance level of baldness since one would need ample scalp space to receive six thousand grafts or more. It is also convenient for people who don’t mind wearing their hair on the longer side since the transplant gives a full head appearance. Lastly, candidates who are steadfast enough to bear a day-long procedure coupled with visible stitch marks of FUT are considered the best pool for the hybrid transplant.

The plus points of hybrid transplant are few and obvious by nature. Somebody battling from serious baldness and esteem issues can get a quick albeit drastic fix in a single day as a result of this surgery. The surgery also claims to leave a very natural looking hair by the session’s end. It also offers a major benefit of the transplanted hair staying successfully intact for years if properly maintained. This means least touch-ups and re-plantations are required. The use of local anaesthesia is also a relief from a safety view point.

However, if it seems too good to be true, it is because it most probably is. Well-renowned hair restoration surgeons have come out clean to avoid combined FUT and FUE hair transplant because there are some hidden truths underlying the matter. Firstly, it is not just possible but also safe to make four thousand to five thousand harvests in FUE in a single session, so why would one require going for a combined or combo surgery instead? Also, although doctors claim that the scarring is minimal and the longer hair covers it well, the strips marks from FUT are still easily visible even after considerable time has passed post-surgery. Also, a large number of patients with such intense baldness rarely have abundant donor areas to extract such a high volume of hair from, so then doctors shift to beard and chest areas. Lastly, the biggest red flag regarding hybrid transplant is that experts deem it more or a marketing gimmick to make easy money out of desperate patients than an actual need-based health procedure.

Avoid Combined FUT and FUE hair transplant

All the above-mentioned negative factors substantiate the claim that patients should avoid combined FUT and FUE hair transplant. The cost remains obscure but it definitely is costlier than both FUT and FUE since it combines both methods and offers a shortcut to hair restoration. Perhaps the biggest threat about hybrid transplant is the fact that there are very few trained surgeons to perform this procedure because it is rarely done; therefore consultation from a true expert is a prerequisite to ensure you don’t end up as another botched-up surgery example. To get an honest and unbiased expert opinion from an experienced ( 20 years) and foreign qualified hair restoration surgeon in Lahore Pakistan , one may contact with him through email or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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