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Hair transplant guarantee in Lahore Pakistan is provided by our clinic regarding the quality, hygiene, infection free procedure and the best results. It is a treatment used for hair loss. In this procedure a qualified surgeon will take a patch of your healthy follicles and implant it on receding or bald areas. This surgery could be done in multiple sessions to have best results. One-time surgery can take from 6 to 8 hours.

Hair transplant Guarantee Lahore

In the medical profession no surgery or procedure can be guaranteed. If someone lures you with a guarantee result, he may be lying. One can’t predict the outcome before the procedure has taken place. In clinics, it has happened many times medical treatment and surgeries did not go exactly as planned. There are always risks involved. The risks of hair restoration treatment include bruising, bleeding, unexpected results or swelling. People with high density bear better results than those with less density. People always want to know the likelihood of success, for any kind of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, a patient is not even eligible for surgery because of the volume of his hair.

Expectation and hair transplant guarantee in Lahore Pakistan 

People opting for hair implant surgery often have questions in mind like “Can I have a guarantee for my regrowth procedure?”. “What is the success rate?” or “How many people like me, have a positive outcome after hair restoration surgery”? People want 100 percent surety that their surgical replacement procedure should end up in giving them a luscious full head of hair. All this is as realistic as the dream to be king or queen.  Healthy attitude before undertaking the surgery would be to believe that you will love the results and hopefully could see a marked difference in your hairline than before.

Success rate of hair transplant:

Hair implantation surgeries are more efficacious than any product. The success rate for the procedure is 90 to 98 percent depending on various factors. Transplanted follicles from 10 to 80 percent, at least takes three to four months to copiously grow back. Research results from different countries indicate that 85 to 90 percent of the time implants grafts grow successfully in the implanted place. This is such a high percentage for triumph. One needs to be patient as the healing process is slow. Once you are out of the healing phase your new very own implanted grafts will start to grow. The implanted grafts will behave just like natural hair and will continue to grow for the rest of your life.

Another reason why the guarantee is 80 percent is that 10 percent in the telogen phase meaning they are in their resting phase. So, 10% of donor follicles is deducted as expected to be in the telogen phase and 10% is probability given to other factors.

Reliability of hair transplant surgery

The outcome of the repair surgery is noticeable and long lasting that is why it is painstakingly permanent. Hair restoration surgeries are more reliable than other medicated products. The success rate of 80% is the full proof of that. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that like natural, transplanted hair gets thin with time too. One should look for real life authorization than flashy magazines full of celebrity endorsements. With time micro grafting technology is enlightening and henceforward creating better results. The procedure is done by a micro graft can be styled, dyed and cut according to your fondness.

 Reasons for hair transplant failure

Thin Hair: The surgery can fail if the grafts of the patient are too thin. If the density on the area from which they are taken are too thin, then transplant may result in failure. Thin hair can never produce thick results and hence will not be able to cover the head aptly. Retreating dense curly hair might be inappropriate for relocation as there is not enough space for the follicles to be introduced.

Post-operative Infection: Any infection if occurs on a donor or implanted site, can Destroy the results too. Usually antibiotics are prescribed for a week to avoid any contamination.

Poor patient aftercare: Sometimes, patients simply don’t pay any head to their doctor and start doing what they like. Smoking, not following shampoo instructions, engaging in any strenuous activity is prohibited for at least four weeks. Not following your specialist instructions can cause you dollars.

Inexperienced Surgeon: If your surgeon is not qualified enough to perform FUE (follicular unit extraction) then you are at high risk. Choosing the right person for this task is crucial.

Hair restoration surgery failure

With extensive procedure planning and proper pre and post-operative care these failures can be evaded. Careful screening of patients for candidacy is vital for the success of surgery too.

At the end, I would just say having a few one to one sessions with your doctor is a must. Talk with the doctor and tell what results you expect. Listen to your doctor carefully and try to understand his point of view. Make sure to have a long-term talking relationship with your doctor so he could answer your queries later. Normally, it is the medical practitioner that decides how many sessions are mandatory to get the result that a patient wants. The result of the procedure can’t be undone hence it is permanent. In a nutshell, your doctor can depict a true picture of how much can be achieved through your existing hairs.

What is included in hair transplant guarantee?

It includes that your procedure will be performed by the best hair restoration surgeon, no infection and the best results as well as growth. 

Who can give hair transplant guarantee in Lahore regarding results and free from any risk?

Our clinic makes it sure the best results and risk free procedure from any kind of infection. To get an appointment call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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