Fue hair transplant Bahrain


Hair transplant in Bahrain is performed by a large number of clinics and hospitals. The people of Bahrain have the right to enhance their look and beauty by this treatment. It is very clear that baldness is a world issue and it is spreading very abruptly in males and females. In males, it starts at the teenage because of various reasons and in females, it starts late. The major cause is still known yet of the baldness is heredity and stress. The hot climatic condition of Bahrain is the major cause of baldness. In addition to this water in this country is also the major cause of baldness. Similarly, stress, menopause and genetic factors, etc. are also some of the causes of baldness. Bahrain is considered a developed country. The medical system over there is very outstanding. The people who are permanently living in Bahrain get free medical treatment from clinics and hospitals. However cosmetic surgery and hair restoration surgery in Bahrain is not free and these procedures will cost you very high. Nowadays there is trend to travel abroad and get low cost and affordable follicular unit extraction procedure.

If you want a hair transplant in Bahrain, then first find a good clinic and expert surgeon for yourselves. The reason is that a large number of clinics are operated in the country by private surgeons. Internet surfing is the best way of finding the best clinic and expert surgeon. There are different ways such as blogs, forums, and search platforms that will help you in finding the best treatment center. Another source of this treatment is an advertisement in a magazine, newspaper, and channels that will also help in finding the best clinic. People from other countries visit Bahrain for this surgery. People can get high-quality treatment at an affordable cost and with good results. The average cost of this process in this country is 2000 to 4000 Dinar.

Hair transplant in Bahrain is suitable if the clinics over there are fully equipped with the latest advanced tools and techniques. They practice the best hygiene conditions and follow international standards and protocols in the treatment. The clinics must adopt the latest methods and experienced surgeons for the treatment. The surgeon is qualified and experienced in this relevant field. In Bahrain, the cost of this cure depends upon the patient and how many the numbers of grafts he asked for. The people with more baldness and those that want thick hair need more graft so their expenditure on treatment is more.

Hair transplant in Bahrain is done by two methods. One method is common which is known as the FUT method of surgery. In this method, a thin skin cut is done for the removal of follicles. With the help of this method, the surgeon plants three thousand follicles in one attempt. There is a disadvantage of this method which is the formation of a linear scar on the patient for whole life. The second method which is used is the removal of a small group of follicles. This method does not give any scar to the patient like the previous one. It also gives less pain and bleeding during the treatment. Most of the patients prefer this new and costly treatment as it is beneficial for them in many aspects. There are large numbers of devices that are used in this process and are approved by the FDA.  They also used a patch or wig placing technique for the hair treatment. This technique is devised for those people who can’t afford any surgical method because of any reason. You can contact the surgeon for consultation regarding your treatment. The good thing is there are no fees for consultation and you can also read the website to know the history of the clinics. The testimonials and reviews will help you in finding the best clinic and surgeon in Bahrain.

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