Female hair Loss treatment really effective

Female hair loss treatment really effective

Female hair loss treatment really effective is often asked by many patients who have undergone various homemade remedies and spent a lot of money to  over the counter products. Hairs are considered as a prime element for femininity. They are really important for developing confidence and boosting self-esteem in women. They help in determining the youthfulness of a woman. Growing healthy curls and letting them bring the magic in the minds of people around her seems like a great ambition but unfortunately, not every girl is able to fulfill this ambition. As soon as they hit puberty, they started to lose tons of strands on every day basis which made them go into depression. This awful phase will always continue to go on and on after all these struggles. But don’t freak out ladies, we have come up with a lantern of hope in these dark times. Everything you have done or was recommended by your doctor was right and medically proven. The problem with your efforts was you have done it the wrong way or without understanding the cause and type of hair thinning. After reading you will understand your disease and the procedure to treat it either naturally or medically.

What are hairs and how do they grow?

Comically, hair is the only waste product of the human body, which nobody wants to lose. They are made up of a protein called Keratin which is responsible for maintaining the structure of skin and healing wounds. Every day our body loses these waste proteins by shedding 80 to 100 strands but for some reason, these strands are not able to pop out of your scalp which results in female pattern baldness or thinning of these strands.

What are the causes of hair loss in females?

The main causes of this loss are certain hormonal imbalances including excess androgen production in females, excessive stress which triggers androgen production in women, insufficiency of iron as iron is the main element which make cell proteins for hair, issues with thyroid gland, deficiency of Vitamins mostly of vitamin B12, habits which damage your healthy follicles and use of products which drains your scalp of essential nutrients.

Are there any natural treatments for female hair loss?

The key to stopping this loss is to cure the factors and eliminate the triggers which cause this. There are a number of natural items which can cure your low to mild condition of disease.


These calcium shells filled with proteins and fats are not just healthy but can be an inexpensive remedy to promote your scalp health and growth of keratin structure through the head. They contain a number of elements like phosphorus, zinc and iodine which will promote growth.

Aloe Vera:

This plant of great worth for human health has shown great results in improving scalp health. It can treat itchiness and flaking of skin.

Onion Juice:

Its antibacterial properties have made him a great medicine to fight your disease. It can treat your scalp infection and Sulphur present in it will promote blood flow to your follicles.


This fruit has everything that is needed to accomplish your ambition of beautiful hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help you fight any infection present in your scalp. Vitamins present in it will help you get rid of vitamin deficiency.


Most of the chronic issues can be solved by maintaining a healthy diet. Eating green vegetables and fruits will deposit essential nutrients and will help you with hormonal imbalances in your body. These foods include spinach, carrots, guava, strawberries, eggs, oats, walnuts, lentils, chicken, yogurt and sweet potatoes.

What are effective medical treatments for female hair loss?

Female hair loss treatment is really effective and what is the best medicine to control shedding? There are a number of medical products which are available in the market for regrowth and stopping hair fall. We will mention only those products which are approved by the FDA and have proven results in this treatment.

Female hair fall treatment options Lahore


Minoxidil is termed as the most effective medicine in treating pattern baldness both in males and females. It helps you in promoting regrowth of your hairs. It functions by lengthening the period of growth from follicles. Doctors often recommend 2% solution for females and 5% for male. It is mostly effective in treating thinning and shedding.


Another effective product which can be used to treat this disorder is Nioxin. It helps you deliver essential nutrients to your follicle which make them healthy and make them grow hairs which are healthy and strong.

Anti-androgen therapy:

We have discussed earlier that most of the time androgen is the main culprit behind hair loss in females whose production is triggered by stress. To reduce the amount of this hormone, doctors often recommend you take anti androgen drugs orally. Most widely used and effective anti-androgen drug is spironolactone. If all the measures failed then women hair transplant surgery is the last option to restore and regrow head glory. Sometimes PRP therapy is performed separately or along with restoration surgery.


There are a number of ways to treat hair loss diseases in females. It is always recommended to discuss your health condition with a professional and never should you go for a treatment without understanding the cause of your complication. Any disease could be treated by following any one treatment. If the causes are more than one, your doctor will recommend you to follow a combination of these treatments.

Female hair loss treatment really effective in Lahore Pakistan?

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How do I slow down hair loss after 60 (female)?

It is a menopausal age and deficiency of estrogen hormone. This deficiency affects the hair , skin and other body systems. However, we can slow down shedding by taking iron and vitamin D 3 supplements as these two are usually less at this age. We can use topical application of ” Papilla serum” at night and this serum usually prevents hair fall and regrowth starts 20 to 25 days later. Although this serum is for men, women can also use it at this age due to deficiency of hormones. 


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