FUE 2500 Grafts 3 months Results

FUE hair transplant in Lahore 2500 grafts result after 3 months, procedure performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry at Cosmoderma Clinic . Follicular unit extraction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and in this new and latest technique there is no linear incision or stitches. Minimal discomfort or pricking sensation, one can easily bear.

Norwood Class 7 Baldness treatment in Lahore

Norwood class 7 baldness treatment in Lahore is carried out in two phases. First procedure is performed for frontal part of head where zones 1, 2, 3 and partially 4 is covered keeping in mind limited donor area in this advance baldness type. It is important to know expectation of patient before undergoing such kind of procedure. Normally patients with advance baldness have realistic expectations and they just want some coverage in the scalp.  Second phase procedure is performed after one year so that donor area heal properly during this time as well as results for the first procedure would be visible. Thirdly donor area gaps after first procedure come close with each other and more grafts can be harvested.

FUE Hair Transplant Results After 3 months expectation

Fue hair transplant results after 3 months should be 10 % and no need to worry as hair growth after hair restoration surgery is a slow and Natural process. Every month there will be 10% new hair growth after 3 months.

2500 grafts 3 months later results in lahore
2500 grafts 3 months results before and after by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry
Advance baldness treatment clinic Lahore - before
2500 grafts 3 months later result in Lahore
10% result at the end of 3rd month
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