Robotic hair restoration Lahore Pakistan

Robotic hair transplant

Robotic hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is not available due to high cost of the machine, low paying capacity of the patients and banks are not cooperating with the health care professionals to purchase on loan. It is the most advanced technology which is being used in different field of sciences. As far as medical sciences are concerned these have also adopted latest techniques to ensure better quality of life. In the field of dermatologic surgery, the skillful physicians and specialist are also working upon this technique to ensure better quality of hairs and people can once again have desired hairs by having less side effects. It is a 3D technology that helps you define your hairline or transplant hair. It is a customize procedure that will lead you to transplant follicles of your own choice and size through precision technique and is widely used by west dermatologist. It is much sensitive and advanced method than any other as it promises better results than any other of the hair restoration procedures and ultimately gives you desired results.

ARTAS robotic hair transplant in Pakistan

The ARTAS system is a totally automatic that will precisely transplant follicles by means of the robotic arm into the scalp or the area where the hair is to transplant. It’s an FDA approved technique for men and women and is currently in use by the western countries. It is not a surgical procedure and requires minimal and more precise recipient grafts to be transplanted. It is also safe for people having surgical anxiety. It provides natural results with painless procedure and people can see re growth of hairs within 6 months after having ARTAS. It provides faster and better results as compared to any other treatment. This system intelligently and accurately harvest hair follicles without scalping, sutures, stiches, or staples that untimely saves you from linear scaring.

Robotic hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Robotic hair restoration cost internationally

It is a sophisticated procedure and advanced hair restoration technique launched a few years back. It provides image guided techniques to transplant recipient grafts more sensitively as compared to manual technique. As it is one of the best physicians assisted procedure it costs about 8000$ to 14000$ US dollars. It is one of the most paid therapies because it requires high maintenance and high skilled physician for its operation which demands more money.

  •  side effects

As it is a non-surgical procedure and is operated fully by means of automatic machines it has fewer side effects as that of surgical procedures and medication therapy. It does not involve any medication and gives after wards effects. In most of the cases only general swelling and redness on the transplanted area has been reported which gets resolved within 1 to 2 days or 24 hours after having the treatment.

  • Is Robotic Hair Transplant better?

This latest procedure comes in the list of three most recommended procedures by the patients and is widely adopted by the dermatologist all over the world. Besides having a numerous advantage, it is much better than having a surgical procedure or medication therapy that will provide more side effects as compared to this latest technique. People often ask can we have robotic hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan in near future? Yes there is always possibility as many clinics are thinking to buy this expensive machine for the baldness treatment. Some of its advantages are discussed as under:

  1. Is a painless procedure
  2. Provides consistency and better result than any other treatment.
  3. No scalping no suturing involved.
  4. Image based digital grafting
  5. Intelligent algorithms.
  6. Provides or transplant high quality grafts.
  7. Protects already present follicles.
  8. Requires no medication.
  9. Provides faster recovery time.
  10. Gives best and improved results than any other treatment and frequent hair growth is seen.
  11. Eliminates errors that can occur by manual means or removes human error up to certain extent.
  12. It provides better result with high accuracy and within less time.
  13. It identifies itself which follicles are best for harvesting.
  • What’s the difference between ARTAS and NeoGraft?

Neo grafts and ARTAS are competitors to one another. Both works on the principle of Follicular Hair Excision (FUE) that takes graft from the body part or recipient area and implant them over the area where baldness is visible. Both techniques are machine operated the basic difference lies in the handling method. ARTAS is a fully robotic machine that is operated by the skillful physician whereas, for neo grafting a neo graft hand handled device is used. However, neo graft has faced downfall because of its hand handling technique and dependent upon the skillfulness of the physician or surgeon. This creates lots of space for human error. As its dependents upon surgeon so mostly it is not advisable and is time consuming. On the other hand, ARTAS assist surgeon and technician in the transplant procedure with increased accuracy and precision. The ARTAS system replaces the need of human hand and operate itself and do dissection in manner of remembering or noting recipients sites all by itself.

What is the cost of Robotic hair transplant in Lahore  Pakistan?

The price for one procedure through this technique is 500,000 to 800,000 Pak Rupee. As it is an expensive technique our clinic has other F.U.E. options like motorized follicular unit extraction. The cost for motorized follicular unit extraction in Lahore at our clinic is in the range of 75000 to 150,000 Pak Rupees only. To get an appointment or free online consultation you may send your baldness area close up photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999


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