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Hair transplant literally means planting your own best quality of hair or artificial hair in skin of your head. There are a number of products that are available in the market promising to increase volume of hair on your head. Result of some of these products remains for a longer period whereas some products do not promise anything about permanent hair presence and just save you from embarrassment for the time being.  Price of these products or treatments depends upon their quality of result

However, hair restoration has been proved as the best solution for baled head. How much does a hair transplant cost is not as simple question as it seems. The reason is that the cost of these procedures depends upon multiple factors such as treatment, recovery and results. The brands are another important factor increasing cost of hair loss treatment.The variability of hair loss treatment ranges between PKR 40000 and PKR 150000 in Pakistan depending on the circumstances of baldness and the other factors. One of the factor is that where do you live?  If you live in such an area where there are a number of surgeons performing hair restoration surgery the cost of transplant will automatically get low due to competitive environment.

The second factor affecting cost of hair transplant is type of the procedure may require or may be chosen by the patient. There are two major types of procedures for that are ongoing in Pakistan.  First one is Follicular Unit Extraction. In this procedure the root of the hair is extracted from back or the sides of the head using machines and injected in the recipient area. This procedure is free from any incision or stitches. This procedure is also used for removing unwanted hair of the belly or from the chest. It is also in use to shape eyelashes and eyebrows. Even to fill scars caused by any accident. This procedure cost as low as PKR 50 per root in Pakistan.

The second type is artificial or hair replacement system. In this procedure artificial hair for human hair are transplanted on recipient area. This procedure results in permanent hair with which you can confidently travel anywhere but these hair are not genuine thus do not grow. To avoid irritation caused by this procedure patient is given medicine for sleep and also to carry on routine business for the time being. The cost of this treatment ranges between with Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 100,000 Rs depending on the volume of baldness.

Another factor affecting cost of hair transplant is experience of the surgeon. More experience the Surgeon has, more expensive he would be. However expensive procedure does not always mean that your surgeon is more experienced.

Moreover it is obvious that the quantity of transplant does have direct proportion with the cost of transplant.  Furthermore if you are located in such an area where there is no clinic then you have to add travelling cost as well.

In addition to the cost of hair transplant you also have to add medication cost in your expenses that it might include pain medication during immediate recovery, anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling at the surgical site and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How expensive are hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

Hair restoration surgery is not expensive any more due to high competition in this field. There are plenty of clinics that offer cheap or low cost procedures. The average price is Lahore Pakistan is in the range of 60,000 to `150,000 Pak Rupees.

How expensive are hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan through FUE technique?

Follicular unit extraction cost is little bit higher than classic FUT method. However most of the clinics charge 40 to 80 Rs per graft in Lahore Pakistan. 

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