How to regrow hair

How to regrow hair is a common question asked by many people suffering from thinning and pattern baldness. Many people face problems in their daily lives due to baldness. Some persons also reported lack of confidence, anxiety, frustration and depression. Everybody wants to look cool and confident but if they lack basic natural things then they suffer a lot. There are different things that we can use for growth of natural follicles. A few of them will be discussed here and these are natural remedies. Many people use these remedies and report excellent results. First of all we should try to massage the scalp. It has a soothing effect and also relaxes the person. Many people say that they feel relaxation and comfort following the massage. Besides the soothing effect massage also stimulates the growth of follicles and helps the people with baldness. Stretching forces are transmitted to the scalp and also restore the growth of hair. Aloe Vera helps to reduce the dandruff thus promoting the environment for hair growth. Oiling is also a very good and different kind of oils can be used. Coconut oil has fatty acids that penetrate the shaft and softens the skull which can be very relaxing. Try to oil daily or two to three days in a week and you’ll see the change in mood and health status.

How to regrow hair

How to regrow hair after chemotherapy

How to regrow hair after chemotherapy in cancer patients is also the need of hour. Cancer cells not only destroy the natural cells but also cause baldness in cancer patients. Oncogenes (genes responsible for cancer) can be very fatal and lead to destruction of the whole body systems. Cancer patients feel tiredness and discomfort. One of the most devastating things in these patients is lack of confidence and alopecia. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other therapies can lead to baldness and patients suffer a lot. Some medicines also help to overcome alopecia in cancer patients. Research has shown that Minoxidil (rogaine) boosts the growth after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Fish oil contains different nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants help to restore the growth of shaft thus leading to improved hair growth. Omega fatty acids are rich in certain nutrients that help to improve the immunity. Immune system is the natural defense system that protects the body from different diseases and disorders which lead to improved overall health. Onion seed helps to treat the patchy alopecia and baldness. Onion seed also promotes the level of keratin and blood flow to the cuticles leading to improvement in overall health and decreasing the baldness.

Can we regrow hair by applying onion juice?

There is no scientific or clinical evidence that onion juice grows hair. As onion contains sulphur so many people think that sulphur bonds present in the hair would get strengthened. Onion juice can not regrow hair. However, many phytonutrients are present in the onion seeds and stem cells of onion have potential to regrow to some extent.

How to regrow hair through transplantation using different techniques like FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) also arise in the minds of many persons undergoing these transplantation techniques. Slit grafts and micro grafts are the two basic types of grafts for transplantation surgery. Both these techniques are used and results appear different in different people. Hair growth helmet can also be used. More men are bald than women due to differences in the expression of genes responsible for baldness in males and females. Amla or Indian gooseberry has shown excellent results in people suffering from alopecia. Grind one cup of amla and then add into the oil. Apply this oil to your scalp. You can also blend two to three amlas and extract the juice out of it. Add it into oil and lemon juice and mix the whole ingredients then apply it on your scalp for about an hour.

How to regrow hair in young adults who lose their hair at a young age should also be understood. Many people start losing hair after the age of 18. Many people prefer laser treatment but it can be injurious to health and very painful. It’s better to adopt natural ways for this purpose. Certain shampoos also cause alopecia by disturbing the shaft and natural cells responsible for hair growth. Try to use natural shampoos free of chemicals like herbal shampoo. Avoid and quit smoking as it can lead to cancer which is another reason for baldness. Some other natural remedies are present like deep breathing exercises, yoga and gently rubbing the scalp with different types of oils are used by many people. These not only relax the person but also increase the local blood circulation and oxygen supply necessary for the growth of hair. Hence proved there are many natural remedies for hair growth and these all are effective to artificial methods and transplant surgeries which can be very costly that not all the human beings can afford easily. However those who have reasonable budget then hair restoration surgery is the last hope and this will give you long lasting results. You can get online consultation from our specialist by sending pictures through WhatsApp +923334309999

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