Hair transplant using beard hair

Hair transplant using beard hair is performed at Cosmoderma clinic Lahore by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry successfully for the last 22 years. Beard hairs are used in patients of inadequate scalp donor area. The only technique which can extract hair from beard  is follicular unit extraction or excision. There is no linear scar and results are excellent if performed by an expert hair restoration surgeon like Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. While performing such kind of delicate procedure, excellent hand eye coordination is required. Surgeon skill, beard grafts angle and orientation understanding play an important role for successful results.  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry performed hair transplant using beard hair at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan on the patient on 26th June 2019.

Beard to head hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan

Beard to scalp hair transplant before and after


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