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Beard hairs transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic is done through follicular unit extraction technique, FUE. It is a procedure which depends upon the availability of a donor area. The area from which follicles are extracted is known as the donor area and the portion of the head where the grafts have to be transplanted is known as the recipient area. A person is said to be a good candidate for FUE procedure if he has plenty of healthy grafts in the donor area. The donor area can be any part of the body that has a rich density. Beard hair transfer to the head is a procedure in which the beard follicles are transferred to the head. Mostly, it is the back area of the head which is looked for while deciding the donor area because most of the people have undergone partial baldness till, they decide to get a transplant. In such cases, the scalp can be a good donor area but in case, there are not healthy roots in this portion or the person has undergone complete baldness, he can choose the beard as a donor area. Other parts of the body that can act as a donor area include arms, thighs, chest and abdomen. Beard hair transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan needs the highest level of skill, expertise and qualification and Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has all these qualities.

Beard to scalp hair transplant before and after 

Beard hair transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan or abroad is the most common example of body follicle transfer to head. This process has been in demand since 2008 and the main aim is to increase the reserve. One patient out of five, getting a surgery, uses beard grafts as a source of new follicle growth. These hairs are also preferred owing to the fact that the thickness of individual shaft is more than the thickness of any other part of the body. The second option is mostly chest. Beard hair transfer to head is a complex procedure and it involves great skill and experience. Candidates choose a beard hair use in two cases; if the donor grafts on back head are less, and more grafts extraction can cause visible spots, and the second case is when the beard is denser and the patient prefers a less dense. In contrast, poor candidates are those who shave daily due to jobs or other reasons. In such cases, the extraction can cause scarring, especially if the procedure is not performed homogeneously. People with imperial hairs are often the best candidates.

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Beard to scalp hair transplant before and after

Planning before beard hair to transfer head 

Beard hairs transfer to head is an extensive procedure and requires accurate planning before initiation. The doctor takes a brief history of the patient’s occupation, density and shaving. If the patient is fit for transplant, then the procedure is started. First of all, the extraction area is marked. Sometimes there could be a number of extraction areas. Extraction from beard is usually a painful process and the patient is given local anesthesia to numb his sensation of pain. After this, the hairs are extracted by FUE technique. The hairs are extracted using manual punches or micro-motored punches. Beard hair transfer to head is performed in a single day. The extracted follicles must be provided an adequate environment. This optimum environment is necessary to keep the follicles alive and this is the most important step of a FUE transplant. These follicles are implanted in the recipient’s area by manual or automatic techniques. Usually a pen implanter is used for this. If the graft extraction is performed correctly, no scars are left on the donor area. The implanted follicles shed in 2 to 3 weeks and new hairs regrow in 6 weeks.

Beard to head hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan

Beard to head hair transfer benefits

Advantages of beard hair transfer to head includes increase in hair density. These are denser than the scalp strands and they can be a great contribution in increasing the density. In patients experiencing bald spots, these unwanted spots can be covered efficiently with a less number of follicles because thick hairs cover the area more efficiently. Extraction from extremely dense beards can make shaving more easy. These hairs are stronger and they are resistant to shock loss, comparatively. Beard serves as an excellent reserve area when the baldness area is wide. This procedure has some drawbacks. It is not suitable for frontal hairline as the natural look cannot be maintained by these due to bigger size of diameter. There might be bruising, swelling, increased sensitivity, redness, crusts and ingrown hairs. Infection risk can be minimized by antibiotics ointments and medications. Sometimes a second transplant is needed when the desired outcomes are not met. The success rate is 60-80%. It is an expensive procedure and costs around 150,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupees. However, the price may vary depending upon the number of roots to be transplanted and the choice of surgeon. Pre-treatment and post treatment costs should also be considered.

Beard hair transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan- a popular destination 

The most popular destination is for a beard hair transfer to head Lahore Pakistan. Maximum number of grafts extracted is 1800 to 3000. The patient can continue routine shaving after 10 days. It is an expensive and skilled procedure but the results reported are long lasting. The candidates planning to get this procedure must research thoroughly and choose a well skilled doctor who has past experience in this field. The patients should take about their expectations, topical medications, pre and post treatment medications, risks and costs of the procedure.

“If you are searching for beard hair transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan then you are at a right clinic. We extract and perform beard grafts to scalp successfully for the last many years. Our surgeon is Board Certified and qualified from Paris France and most experienced in the town. However, before opting for this procedure, our specialist does proper examination and inspection of the density, diameter and grafts availability. If any of your friends are also searching for the best clinic or doctor for beard hair transfer to head in Lahore Pakistan then Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a trusted name in this procedure”

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Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore Pakistan is famous for beard grafts extraction and use of these follicles to scalp due to expertise and skill of the Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. 

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