Why follicular unit extraction

Why follicular unit Extraction hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan preferred? it is highly effective treatment to cure baldness. Although it’s time consuming and a little costly, it ensures healthy hair with a natural look. This is on the grounds that it limits obvious scarring at the extraction site, and permits the follicles to be exclusively set on the head, giving the impression of totally characteristic regrowth. A follicular unit is the minor bulb covered in the skin of your scalp, from which your head hairs develop. During an FUE transplant, a large number of little follicles are extracted and afterward placed into a recipient area on the head. Following a couple of months, these follicles start to become similarly as they did previously, yet in another bald spot on the head. This gives you illusion on the bald or diminishing zones of the head. To assist you with choosing whether or not this is directly for you, we will guide you about how a Follicular unit extraction procedure functions and how it can profit you.

Why follicular unit extraction

Why follicular unit extraction you must not be afraid of?

Most people want to change their personality through hair restoration surgery, but they have certain doubts about many things. The first question arises, will it work for me? Will it hurt me? How much time will it take to recover? Will I have the option to do everything with my transplanted hair that I could do previously?

Grafts extraction Fue technique

Hair restoration methods have inconceivably improved in the course of recent years. The most significant thing in the event that you need a characteristic look is to pick a clinic or facility that utilizes the most recent techniques. Since it is a surgical procedure utilizing a patient’s own grafts, the transplanted hair will carry on similarly characteristic as your own hair. Some male pattern baldness promptly following the strategy is ordinary. As indicated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a portion of the transplanted hair will fall out inside about a month and a half after the medical procedure. New growth ought to be obvious in the recipient zones in few months, with hair developing by a half-inch every month. After the underlying 3 months time frame, a patient can proceed with customary exercises. Regular styling, blow-drying, Use of gel or mouse on your hair. Dye twice in a month and last but not the least you can also enjoy swimming and outdoor games after these transplanted regrowth.


Recovery period

The scalp becomes sensitive after hair restoration surgery. It is necessary for you to wear a bandage for one day, and the doctor may suggest pain medication. It is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication to prevent infection and stop swelling. Recuperation time is subject to the kind of technique utilized, with FUE offering quicker recuperation times. Mostly, it takes a week for patients to recover. If stitches are used during treatment, then these will be removed within 10 days. A great many people are astounded there is no pain during the F.U.E. method when the skin is appropriately anesthetized. After the FUE procedure, patients will ordinarily feel some minor distress. It is normally negligible.

Follicular unit extraction technique restores your head glory to its previous wonder of twenty years; it is completely feasible for some men to reestablish their blurred hairlines and spread their bare fix with a FUE, and for the outcome to look altogether characteristic once the transplanted hair becomes back. Seek services from trustworthy surgeons for best results.

Grafts preparation

Why is follicular unit extraction technique popular in Lahore Pakistan?

It is a popular technique because there is no pain, no stitches and no linear incision while results are comparable with old or classic FUT technique.

Why is follicular unit extraction not preferred by many clinics in Lahore Pakistan?

It is not preferred by many hair restoration clinics in Lahore Pakistan because doctors are used to old or classic strip technique and they are not eager to learn new technology. Some of these clinics are in the learning process and these clinics combine FUT and FUE technique called Combo technique. Actually such clinics are selling you FUT under the pretext of maximum grafts in combo technique. No need to go for combo while one can get maximum grafts in FUE technique. 

Why is follicular unit extraction hair transplant preferred by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan?

This technique is not only preferred in Lahore Pakistan rather all developed countries doctors are performing it very successfully. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert of FUT & FUE technique and for the last 22 years, he is performing exclusively FUE technique due to less pain, maximum grafts, no linear incision and less discomfort while results are at par with strip technique. 

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