Swelling After Hair Transplant

What are the main Causes of Swelling in Face due to hair transplant?

Do you want to know what are the main causes of swelling in face due to hair transplant? Well, probably the swelling happening at the areas of forehead or eye and on the scalp is because of certain methods which are used for the hair transplant.  No matter whether you are crossing yourself through a hair transplant for the first time or for the second time, the emergence of swelling will be common in all conditions. 

Although swelling does not stay with you for the entire life. It can easily get lighter by following certain precautionary measures and will take less time for the recovery. There are different reasons due to which swelling can take place after the hair transplant process.  Right here we will be discussing three main causes of swelling in face due to hair transplant:

Cause no 1: Serum

For performing the hair restoration procedure, there has to be some space in between the area which is required to get operated.  Due to this entire gap, hair follicles will be able to get transplanted quite easily in that area. There are high chances that the transplanted hairs would be healthy enough as compared to before.  As the anesthesia will be applied on the scalp, the serum will be injected.  This injected serum will be creating a specific space between the skull and skin.  Soon after the hair transplantation has been complete, this serum will not be removed from your body the next second. This will result in edema.  Based on edema and serum dependency, swelling can take place on your scalp.

In the starting stages, the swelling on your scalp might change a little bit as you move out from your bed and began to wander around.  This serum starts to move down in your scalp and will make its way to your eyes due to the gravity effect.  This is the main reason that most of the doctor specialists will recommend avoiding bending your head forward at least one week after hair restoration surgery.

Cause No 2:  Hair Transplantation Surgery

This has been probably one of the most common and main causes of swelling in face due to hair transplant.Sometimes the swelling on your scalp can also take place due to procedure itself.  During the procedure, small slits are made within your scalp area.  The whole procedure might seems to be quite easy because it is completely surgical based.  These slits in your scalp are wounds to your body that permit the body to start working for its healing.  In this whole scenario and the efforts made by the body, a specific amount of scalp swelling will happen.  Most of the patients probably find it as one of the most common causes of swelling in face due to hair transplant.

Cause no 3: Anesthesia

Lastly on the main causes of swelling in face due to hair transplant we would like to mention about the anesthesia!  Anesthesia works as a drug administration for the human scalp which can bring a certain amount of swelling on their head after the hair transplantation process.  Based on the drug quantity and dependency, the level of swelling will be different.