Success rate hair transplant


Success rate of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is same as one can see internationally however you have to be very careful while selecting clinic or doctor. Hair is something that adds to your beauty in many ways, it changes your appearance totally whether they are on your head or on your face. Males are more concerned about their hair as they are more victim of baldness and it is a more serious problem when you belong to a country like Pakistan where baldness is not considered as attractive at all, while in western countries bald men are considered more attractive and you can see them as movie stars as well.

This phenomenon of shaming because of baldness lead to the development of this field of hair restoration in Pakistan. The cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan starts from 40 k PR to o.4 million of PR which is quite low than many developed countries where it starts from thousands of dollars. People of Pakistan got attracted more towards hair restoration surgery when Pakistan’s current biggest opposition party’s leaders Nawaz Sharif and shahbaz sharif returned from their exile and they had gone through hair transplant. People started believing in the process that it is not something that will went wrong.

The success rate of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is above 99 percent but this also depend upon which clinic you chose for treatment, majority of the clinics operating in Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore are offering very good services from cheapest to the expensive depending upon the method you chose for treatment. The procedure is done by methods of FUE (follicle unit extraction) in which each follicle is extracted separately or by FUT(follicle unit transplantation) where a strip is separated from thick hair area and then follicles are separated , processed and then injected back to the affected area.

In Pakistan FUE method is widely used in which hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area and these are preserved as long recipient area is prepared  and are inserted into recipient  area where implant is to be made, the process takes 3 to 5 hours or a bit more, it takes about 6-8 months to grow these follicles . This method is painless as there is no cutting or stitching involved in the process and local anesthesia is used for numbing the area. The precautionary measures should be taken which are not so difficult to maintain, you can oil, wash and even cut your transplanted/ grafted hairs just like natural hair. The success rate is so high that people now just go for hair restoration even if they are not shamed for this as it is affordable for a person earning good livelihood and also has no side effects.

Success rate of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is more than 99% by skilled and experienced hands. If you want to go for hair restoration just go for it as there are many sites on Google which help you finding a good clinic in every big city as well as in small cities. Many doctors are internationally recognized for their services and many politicians, actors and players are a sign of their skills.