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Laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan is a process which puts medical-grade lasers to use in order to deliver safer and low level light on your scalp. As soon as the light is absorbed, microcirculation increases which in result distributes abundant blood supply and nutrients to follicles. This helps stimulate cellular activity in your follicles which eventually helps in curing hair loss, at the same time helps in hair regrowth. The treatment is viable for both men and women who is facing thinning. In addition to that, this therapy works best for the people with androgenetic alopecia. Also, the treatment is widely endorsed to be safe, tolerable and less invasive when compared with hair transplant. Laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan is offered at our clinic twice per week and it needs 12 sessions and each session duration is 18 to 20 minutes. 

laser hair loss therapy Lahore Pakistan

 Low level laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan

With the advancements in sciences and technology, low level laser hair therapy which is also commonly known as LLLT has become widely popular among the masses. The reason for this is commercially available devices which cost less, and can be used at homes and enjoy a good safety reputation within the consumer market. LLLT encourages more follicles to grow, and speeds up the cell reproduction process. Also, this treatment does not burn skin tissues. It simply boosts up blood flow in your roots, bringing nutrients and energy that your hair requires for its growth. LLLT takes the upper hand against other methods of hair loss treatments because of many reasons such as

●     It is noninvasive.  You won’t get any scars.

●     The entire treatment procedure is painless

●     There are no considerable side effects

●     It strengthens your hair.

Having said that, one should also keep in mind that the entire process is time consuming. To obtain proper results, one requires several sessions a week for many number of months. Also, the treatment is quite expensive, an average laser hair treatment can cause you up to thousands of dollars per annum. In addition to that, the procedure appears to be less effective for people who are already in advanced stages of hair loss, compared to those who are in the early stages.

Also, LLLT can react with certain medicines. Therefore, it should not be performed in people intaking medicines that are photosensitizing( a chemical alteration to skin which can increase an individual’s sensitivity to light). Other than that, such devices do not undergo the same level of scrutiny and examination which other medicines undergo before their approval. These are some of the factors one should keep in mind before going for LLLT.

Does it work?:

There is no straight answer to this question. Just like any other medical treatment process, this process of hair restoration is dependent on the individual. The irradiating of photons in scalp tissues to encourage hair growth is widely accepted as a safe procedure due to its non invasive nature when compared to hair transplant. The results are different in each individual. Some people regrow quite quickly whilst others have to wait for quite some time in order to see them. The waiting period may stretch up to 26 weeks after receiving the treatment in order to see the desired results.

The only thing which makes the treatment more effective is consistency. Once you stay on top of your appointment, it will provide your hair a better chance of growth. The earlier one starts his treatment, the better it is for you because once the hair is completely gone, it becomes harder to stimulate once more. One must also keep in mind that the treatment may not necessarily work on every individual. The individuals with hereditary conditions, the treatment may yield noteworthy results. On the contrary, those with little to no hair are unlikely to obtain any fruitful results through this process, given its reliance on certain cells. Overall, the results are mixed but highly positive.

All the studies conducted in this regard as to if the process really works or not, more or less all are conducted by manufacturers of the products. Also the studies vary in design, methodological problems are a common sight. The bottom line is that some people may be more responsive to the treatment, while some may not.


The cost of laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan is 3000 Rs per session. The exact amount of the procedure varies and largely depends on circumstances at time of actual procedure. But, on average depending on the type of procedure you go for, it may most likely cost you around  3000 to 4000 Pak Rupees per session.


The results of laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan is effective in male and female patients. The results of LLLT are inconsistent at this point. Low level laser therapy is not effective in every case. It works in some cases while it does not work in other cases. Studies also show mixed results in this regard. For example, a 2014 study showed laser treatment to be safe and effective for hair growth in both men and women.

Low level laser hair loss treatment results Lahore

Side effects:

While the side effects are uncommon, still one should look out for them in order to make fully informed decisions.

●     Headache

●     Itching

●     Scalp redness

●     Burning sensation

●     Time consuming

●     Costly

●     Reactionary to certain medications

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to get low level laser hair loss therapy in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, it is possible as our clinic is offering this treatment for regrowth and hair fall control. Whether you are a good candidate for this treatment or not, take close up photos and send us via WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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