Is DHI better than FUE hair transplant

Is DHI Better Than FUE Hair Transplant?

Is DHI better than Fue hair transplant? Many people search on internet to find answer of this question. If you are looking for a hair restoration, you might have come across with terms like DHI. One might wonder what are DHI and FUE. DHI (Direct hair implantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) both are types of hair restoration techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE);

Follicular unit extraction is a latest technique where extraction of follicular units with one or two hair roots using circular punches is performed by a surgeon. Okuda was the first that used self-made sharp circular punches in various diameters (1-4 mm). He proposed to use 2-4 mm punches as compare to 1 mm because, according to him, the transection rate was interestingly high with 1 mm punch. In the market, there are several FUE donor harvesting devices available; of which some are hand-held punches, some are motorized and some are single user-directed robotic system which is also known as Surgically Advanced Follicular Extraction and ARTAS robotic systems. Success with FUE depends on being able to predictably dissect excellent quality grafts with minimum transection rates from the donor region. Is DHI better than Fue hair transplant? It depends upon surgical hands and skills where less transaction of grafts and minimal damage to the surrounding tissues should be the prime purpose.


FUE needs longer learning curve and operation time, excellent hand-eye coordination, patience, stamina and hair must be short enough for appropriate harvesting. Moreover, the practitioner may be a candidate for potential repetitive motion disorder in time. There is another technique called direct hair implantation, is presented to attenuate the transit time which may reduce the graft survival. Here, follicles are implanted as soon as they are harvested. This technique was found a simple and feasible modification of follicular unit extraction.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Is DHI better than FUE hair transplant? DHI, a modified version of FUE, has similarities with FUE in follicle harvesting, whereas the implantation of the follicles is carried out with unique instruments called implanter pen and it is produced specifically for this purpose. The needle of the pen may vary in sizes; since there are 0.40-2 mm oblique-cut needles in the market. After follicle harvesting, each pen is loaded with a micro graft containing 1 to 3 follicles and subsequently implanted to the recipient area. This technique allows the hair restoration surgeon to place grafts in the recipient area denser and gives less trauma and bloodless field when compared with FUE. Moreover, this procedure lacks additional slitting for grafts placing as noted in other transplantation techniques. On the contrary, the learning curve is high meaning DHI procedure needs more qualified personnel per patient. In addition, the procedure is carried out with 3 or 4 personnel, because every stage is assigned to a unique staff which means that the room is more crowded than the other techniques. The hair implanter pen and this procedure is relatively expensive when compared to FUT or FUE. Nevertheless, follicle harvesting is significantly cheaper than robotic systems.

Hair growth through DHI technique


We may observe some site-specific complications after all including donor and recipient site problems. Donor site complications include wide variety of unwanted scar formation, donor-site depletion, wound dehiscence, necrosis, effluvium (shock-loss), hypoesthesia, neuralgia and neuroma and hematoma. Recipient site complications may be comprised of hairline location or shape error, progression error, graft type error, graft placement error, hypopigmentation, hair color mismatch, chronic folliculitis, necrosis, effluvium, ingrown hairs, cysts and low graft yield.

Is DHI better than FUE Hair transplant? It is a most common question  patients often asked during initial consultation. It has become a very common thing in the last decade or so, more and more people are looking for a best way for hair restoration. Both DHI and FUE are relatively new and better procedures, with minimal complications. It does not matter whether you should go for DHI or FUE as both techniques produce excellent results.

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