Hair Transplant Work

How does hair transplant work?

Baldness is a problem which people of all ages are facing these days. As our lives become more and more stressful, hair loss is increasing significantly. In order to combat this problem, many individuals are opting for hair transplant. While, it is one of the best solutions to deal with baldness, but you have to first understand how it works. Thereafter, you can decide whether you want to opt for the solution or not.

Hair Transplant Mechanism 

In the very basic terms, hair transplant involves extracting or harvesting the hair follicles from a healthy area and transplanting them in a bald area. The hair follicles are harvested from the body of the same person.

These days, owing to the advancement in science and technology, there are different techniques for hair restoration. We would go into details of each of these techniques in order to provide you with greater details about procedure.

What are the different techniques of hair transplant?

  1. FUE method:

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method of extraction, each and every follicle is extracted and transplanted separately. The exact tool which is used in order to detach the hair follicles is a punch. Depending on the type of hair as well as the skin from where the hair follicles are to be extracted the type of punch which is used would change. When you’re picking them one by one, they are kept in a liquid solution until the time of plantation. This method is one of the latest hair restoration techniques.


  • No linear scarring
  • More advanced
  • Less pain & discomfort
  • No more waiting time between sessions
  • Maximum number of grafts or follicles can be harvested
  • Hairs are taken from body like beard, chest ,belly and back


  • Implantation area needs to be cleared off hair before the procedure
  • Highly skilled doctor required to perform it
  • Sometimes un skilled hair doctor does over harvesting which make donor area thin and scanty.
  1. FUT method:

In this method, the entire strip of hair from the donor area is removed. Thereafter, the hair roots are implanted. However, since the stitching is involved, at least a team of 4 to 6 people are required in order to complete this procedure.


  • Easy to perform for doctor as strip excision takes less time
  • There is less learning curve and due to fatty tissue surrounding the follicles, less chances of dehydration and longer survival outside body.


  • Scarring can occur

As you can see, whenever you are opting for hair transplant, it is important to understand the basics as well as the exact procedure which you are opting for. Generally, the doctors opt for the FUE procedure as it is more advanced and safer.

So, now that you are clear about how hair transplant works you would be able to decide for yourself whether you want to opt for one.