Hair Transplant Scar Repair

How to get rid of Hair Transplant Scars

How to get rid of hair transplant scars of previous surgeries is often asked question at our hair transplant clinic in Lahore from our consultant. Scars are formed due to the skin that is stitched as a result of surgical procedures. These scars occur due to Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or strip harvesting surgery. People are so worried to get rid of these scars. But it is not a thing that has no solution in fact there are number of ways that will help you to minimize these scars.

Here we are going to tell you that if you are thinking about hair transplantation for restoring your hairs then you should keep these points in your mind. First of all you should go for that transplant surgery which results in less visible scars in the donor area. It is better for you if choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) rather than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) because FUE does not result in linear scar. You should select an experienced and skilled surgeon for your hair restoration surgery who will tell you about all the procedures and scars removing methods deeply before your surgery. Because removing scars is always a big challenge for any surgeon but if you choose right one then it is not a big deal.

Surgical methods hair transplant scar correction

There are some surgical methods to treat donor area hair surgery scars. Laser can also be used to remove scars but it is not effective as laser only lightened the scar but does not completely remove it. Following are the effective ways to remove scars:

Scar Revision:

Scar revision is a procedure in which actual scar of donor area is incised and stitched. It is a process in which excessive wound tissue is removed again and sutured to make it less visible. In scars revision grafts are planted in front of larger ones to hide the scars. This method is not so effective you can only minimize the scars but not permanently remove them. It just lightened the scars. Moreover as it involves the moving of actual scar that may result in forming of more bad scars and make them wide as well with time.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Grafts:

The other method to get rid of scars is through Follicular Unit Extraction Grafts. This is most effective method in which FUE grafts are placed in the strip wounds that help to remove the scars. This method is known as scar camouflage with grafts because individual grafts are placed into scars to camouflage them. In this method follicles are removed individually and then placed into scars to remove them permanently.

Micro Hair Tattooing (MHT):

MHT can also be used to remove the scars. In this procedure tattoo is made on scars to cover them up. This tattoo is made with the ink whose color is close to the person’s natural hair color. One should not worry how to get rid of hair transplant scars as Micro hair tattooing and Fue techniques are two best to hide or conceal donor area scar. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has eighteen years experience to treat baldness and correct or repair hair restoration surgeries scars. Get an honest and expert advice from his without any cost or fee at his hair transplant clinic in Lahore.