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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant

People mostly asked some questions about hair transplant. They want to discuss their problem, and curious to know about their answer. Some commonly or frequently asked questions are below.


Does transplanted Hair Grow long?

Most of the people are able to return to work after the operation. Within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, transplanted hair will fall out and start new growth within a few months. After 12 weeks 60% people will see new growth . So after the surgery it will take time to grow your hairs longer.

Is it Painful?

Most of the patients don’t feel pain after the treatment in follicular method. Mild muscular pain can occur depending on the position during the procedure.

Is treatment is safe?

The treatment is normally safe when performed by a qualified, experienced board certified doctor or surgeon. Still individuals vary greatly in their physical reaction and healing abilities. And the outcome is never completely predicable.

Is same Treatment can be done Twice?

Your hair will continue to thin until it is lost altogether. This means a hair transplant procedure will need to be repeated for sustained coverage, but this can only be done if there is availability of grafts for treatment in your donor area.

Is a treatment Dangerous?

This treatment is generally considered safe, but risk include infection, bleeding and some scars. Patchy growth which can often be corrected.

What is hair transplant cost in Lahore?

Hair transplant cost in Lahore is charged according to number of grafts. Newly established clinics in Lahore charge you 45000 to 75000 Pak Rupee. Those clinics or doctors who have experience and reputed for best hair transplant results in Lahore will definitely charge you more than 100,000 Pak rupee for one procedure. Female hair treatment requires lesser grafts between 500 and 1500 with a cost range of 45000 Rs to 60,000 Rs.

Can we use beard and body hair for head?

Yes we can use beard and body hair for baldness in selected cases. Every patient is not a good candidate for beard or BHT procedure. These follicles can be used to enhance density, repair scar and persons with less scalp donor area.  Beard hairs are stronger after scalp head donor grafts so first priority should be scalp donor area and second should be beard. We can also use chest, abdomen and back of body hair however these are not strong enough so should be used in selected cases. There are chances these non scalp grafts may fall permanently after 5 to 7 years however beard hair will remain lifelong. Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry is routinely extracting beard and body follicles as he has very good skills, expertise to use these hairs in the head and give you impressive results.

What is better: FUE or DHI?

Both techniques are good to treat baldness and more density in the thinning area. Both techniques have more than 95% success or growth rate.  DHI technique is considered to give more density however it is also not true as both techniques can be given equal density.

 Why do some clinics prefer DHI while others prefer FUE?

It depends upon the donor area, baldness area and surgeon assessment what technique can give good results. As both techniques can give equal results in the expert hands so you can opt for as per the recommendation of the surgeon. 

What are the side effects of stopping Finasteride?

This medicine or drug is used to stop the male hormone conversion into the active form called DHT. When there is less or no conversion to DHT, follicle growth stimulates and one can see improvement in density, number of hair and thickness. This drug has some side effects and when someone stops it, follicles stimulation or growth decreases, DHT conversion starts again and this active form of hormone attaches to the DHT receptor at the base of follicles. As a result, thinning, weakness of the hair shaft and ultimately shedding and baldness patches will become obvious. 

Can hair loss be a sign of something serious?

Many local and systemic diseases may cause hair loss. Therefore, it is important to know the cause of the hair loss and treatment accordingly. For example Hypothyroid and lupus diseases may cause shedding and thinning. 

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