Follicular unit hair transplant disadvantages

Follicular unit extraction disadvantages


The follicular unit extraction disadvantage is that hair restoration surgeons need to learn skill, expertise otherwise precious donor area will be wasted so this technique is difficult as compared to FUT method. FUE developed principally with an attempt to discourage scarring in the donor area that usually becomes a menace with strip surgery. However, to be precise Follicular Unit Extraction or excision, comprises follicles extraction. Follicles are generally in their natural alignments from the permanent or ‘safe’ zone at the back and sides of the cranium. The small punches used range from 0.8-1.0 mm in diameter, and the follicles are taken out individually. These follicles are then trimmed, tallied, and arranged with the aid of a microscope ready to be placed into tiny slits in the recipient site where there is hair loss. Usually, each graft may include 1, 2, or 3 hairs and will be positioned in a way to give you the utmost natural outcomes. Despite the potential significance associated with FUE within the hair restoration field, it is also important to note that the mechanism has several drawbacks. In that, there are several arguments over the implication of these disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages associated with the method include:

Larger Donor Area

The donor area required is typically larger than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In that, for the right amount of grafts for FUE to be assigned, the physician may take into lower, upper, and side portions of the donor area in order to acquire the exact grafts needed.

Large donor area

More fragile and transected grafts

The grafts extracted during the FUE tend to be more delicate as they typically contain slightly less protective dermis and fat than a FUT graft has, which can be microscopically dichotomized by hand. Some of the examples of grafts include follicles, bulbs, and a small amount of surrounding tissue.

Usually more expensive

The follicular unit extraction disadvantage is that the procedure is more expensive than the FUT procedure due to the advancement of more technology that tends to be deployed. The method, as such, demands specialized personnel also to engage the whole activity for successful and accurate results.

Necessitates shaving the entire donor area

 Most of the activities undertaken will demand to shave off the whole donor area, which will involve the sides and back of the scalp. In this case, an individual with small or medium-sized FUE treatment in need of fewer than 1000 grafts may keep the hair long before the actual procedure can be undertaken. The longer hair will act as a cover on the donor zone as it heals, and the hair grows back. However, individuals with short styles are recommended to do “transitional” haircuts that are shorter than their usual manner for preparation for the time after the procedure when the hair is growing back to normal.


Another follicular unit extraction disadvantage is a time-consuming procedure that needs a lot of skill and expertise. In this procedure surgeon has to extract himself and perform whole procedure. This procedure needs good hand eye coordination and excellent surgical hands as well as training.

In conclusion, apart from the outlined disadvantages, over time, the procedure has been amended with the introduction of new equipment and innovations, and the results have become much enhanced. Mostly clinics or doctors cannot perform it due to lack of expertise or experience and convince you for FUT or strip procedure. Cosmoderma hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan will not convince you for strip or old technique rather Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 21 years experience and performing FUE technique daily basis. To get an appointment you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999