Female Hairline

Female Hairline Hair Transplant

Female hairline hair transplant is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a permanent solution. A large number of female populations face this problem after crossing 30. However, a number of ethnic differences define what is normal. The sub-Saharan Africans, Pacific Islanders, Australian Aboriginals, Canadians, and Native Americans are the most prominent groups with unique and distinct hair growth patterns. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the pattern of hair before thinking you are suffering from hair loss issue.

Hairlines in Women

A hairline that is approximately 2 inches to 2.5 inches above the eyebrows and it forms an upside-down U is normal in women, according to experts. Several women fall short of the defined range of normal one way or the other. The irregularities often occur to the change in the hair growth pattern commonly called cowlicks or whorls. Women also face Window’s Peak, i.e. their hair forms a small triangle towards the middle of the forehead. Having the right hairline height is imperative; a high hairline will give the woman an older look, whereas a small hairline will give an unbalanced look. In women, it is not normal for the hairline to recede toward the temples.

Long-Terms Aids for Female Hairline Hair Transplant

There are countless leave-in products claiming to increase hair growth, however, not all of these products are effective.


 If a female is suffering from receding hairline due to androgenetic alopecia, then the treatment plan should incorporate Rogaine or Minoxidil. Both of these medications encourage new hair growth.Some dermatologists also recommend using spironolactone because it can offset the effects of testosterone on the hair follicle. In addition, certain birth control bills including Yasmin or Yaz help in hair growth. In case, you do not plan to get pregnant and getting a female hairline hair transplant is not an option, you can use Finasteride. However, the medicine was developed for cancer patients, but it is an effective hair loss treatment.

Plant-Based Supplements

We recommend that you consult your doctor before using any supplement; nonetheless, there is no harm in giving it a shot. According to experts, pumpkin seed oil and palmettos replicates the impact of oral finasteride. Both these supplements are effective for the regrowth of hair.

Some studies even claim that ginseng and procyanidins are effective for hair growth.

Female Hairline Hair Transplant

If you are looking for a more permanent option, we suggest going for hair transplant. The procedure is simple and painless. It comes with minimal side effects and the recovery time is less as well. The surgeon would harvest hair from a donor area and he or she will transplant it to the receding scalp or the thinning hairline.

Female hairline hair transplant in Lahore
Female hairline hair transplant in Lahore – Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Another modern but effective treatment for hair loss is Platelet-rich plasma. The concept is new in comparison to female hairline hair transplant, but it is generating impressive results. The treatment involves stimulating the growth of your hair by injecting your own blood’s plasma. First, the doctor and the team would extract your blood and separate the plasma. Since the plasma contains growth factors such as PDGF. These growth factors are effective for the regrowth of your hair. Dermatologists recommend PRP, however, unlike female hairline hair transplant PRP procedure require time.

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