Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery in Lahore, Pakistan is performed at Cosmoderma Clinic by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for the last 20 years. This procedure is performed when someone has less dense, scar or lack of eyebrows. Sometimes stitches or an accident leads to scar or empty spaces in the eyebrows and it gives un natural or awkward look. There are some genetic conditions where complete absence of may occur. We have examined many Acid burn patients or victims at our eyebrow hair transplant clinic in Lahore for the past few years to get an expert advice and treatment. Everyone would like to get beautiful and attractive face so that any defect or deformity needs to be corrected. Eyebrows play an important cosmetic role in the beauty of facial features in women as well as men. Due to this cosmetic problem, persons with some un natural look in the eyebrows contact our eyebrow hair transplant clinic in Lahore, Pakistan.

Eyebrow hair transplant is the new thing especially because of the emerging trends like Instagram brow phenomena and semi-permanent micro-blading. Changing the shape of your eyebrows is not a new concept. On the contrary, women and in some cases men have been doing that for decades. Some are naturally blessed with thick eyebrows, whereas others have light growth. Nonetheless, people have been threading, plucking or even waxing their eyebrows to get the desired shape. Since modern trends require bushy eyebrows, therefore people are now searching for ways to get thick eyebrows.

Why should you get an Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

 There are several ways to fill in your eyebrows such as tattoos, gels, and cosmetic pencils. However, these methods are not a permanent solution and you will have to redo it again and again to maintain the look. In addition, they do not look natural. In case of getting an eyebrow transplant, you will yield better results. The surgeon takes the hair from your head, thus they look natural. An eyebrow transplant offers a permanent solution, thus eliminating the need to do your eyebrows repeatedly. The procedure has another advantage, it is virtually painless and the recovery time is approximately five to seven days. The recovery time remains the same regardless of the fact that you got your entire eyebrow transplanted or just part of it. In addition, the regrowth rate of eyebrow transplant is impressive. Once you get an eyebrow hair restoration, you will not need to get another. Nonetheless, there are patients who go for the second transplant to achieve greater density.

Eyebrow Transplant Technique

First thing first, make sure that you chose an expert for eyebrow hair transplant. Then you need to decide the shape in conjunction with your surgeon, just make sure that you keep it as close to your natural shape as possible. The eyebrow hair restoration is a rather straightforward procedure. Either you can get a small amount of restoration for covering a scar or you can opt for a full restoration in order to get thick eyebrows. In both cases, the procedure involves transplanting about 50 to 400 grafter per eyebrow. Usually, a graft tends to have one or two hair. The surgeon would choose a donor area; mostly it is at the back of your head. He or she will remove the donor hairs using either FUE technique or the FUG/Strip Technique. The surgeon will choose the technique; however, factors like your future goals, ethnicity, and concerns and how to wear your hair will affect the decision.

Rushing the grafts will lead to poor results, thus each graft will be placed individually into each recipient site. The eyebrows are double-checked to ensure that both parties i.e. the doctor and the patient are happy with the result. After the surgery, facing some tiny crusts and redness is common. The pinkness will reduce within five days. The transplanted hair will fall out within three weeks and after four months; you will be able to enjoy finer, bushier eyebrows.Eyebrow hair transplant might be the new thing; however, it is not suitable for everyone. For instance, people who experienced alopecia areata might not be the best candidates. Therefore, you should get a proper medical examination before opting for the surgery.

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery in Lahore
Eyebrow hair transplant surgery before procedure in Lahore
Post op eyebrow fue hair transplant procedure at Cosmoderma clinic Lahore Pakistan
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