Dense packing hair transplant


Many hair restoration techniques are available nowadays but a dense packing hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed more frequently at our clinic. It is the most widely used procedure for the restoration of lost hair with greater efficiency. It is a fantastic procedure used by the surgeon to obtain a thick hairline. This method has a high success rate due to its fast and good results. This technique is highly suitable for persons with mild hair loss. The most unique feature of this transplant is it gives better coverage to the front side of your head as compared to other methods.

Dense Packing hair restoration results by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry- Lahore Pakistan 


How to proceed for dense packing hair restoration procedure

  • Go to the doctor to get the form and fill it

  • Clicking of photos of the head before the procedure

  • Measurement of pulse and blood pressure

  • Administration of sedatives

  • Injection of anesthesia at donor and recipient site

  • Dissection of donor site for the removal of thick hair strip or grafts extraction in FUE

  • Place the grafts on the recipient site

  • Post-surgery recovery with the help of administration of medicines containing pain killer antibiotic and drugs against inflammation

What to avoid after surgery

  • Keep yourself away from hard exercise for almost one week

  • Do not lift high weight for fourteen to fifteen days

  • Avoid sexual intercourse for one week

Who is eligible for a dense packing hair restoration method?

Following factors determine whether you are eligible for this procedure or not

  • Go to the well-experienced surgeon and consult if you are the right person for this procedure

  • Your age is the important factor if you are young then the growth rate is high along with good results but if you are older, then this technique may not be suitable for you  

  • Another factor that will determine your eligibility for this procedure is the donor area hair or grafts quality

  • The shaft diameter is calculated before the procedure

  • With the help of an electronic microscope,  density is measured

  • Hair loss possibility in future

  • Hair pattern

After considering all these factors your surgeon will recommend it.

Is dense packing a better option or not

There are two opinions of surgeons about this technique. One of them says it is quite the right choice for a hair transplant because it gives good results by providing a thick hairline. While others argue that the this procedure has a low success rate

Factors affecting outcome

  • Texture 

  • Extent of baldness

  • Donor site`s density

  • The angle of insertion 

  • Quality 

  • Hair color

  • Healing of follicular unit grafts

Advantages of the technique

Following are the benefits of this technique

  • The best option for men

  • Provide good results

  • Less chance of trauma and incision

  • Give completely natural look by providing you thick hairline

  • Thick hair helps in shaping your personality by building up confidence that leads to the improvement in the quality of life


  • It is time-consuming

  • If the baldness is less then this procedure is suitable


Dense packing hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is a unique technique that is safe and secure. Charges are in an affordable range hence t is not a burden at your pocket at all.

Frequently Asked Question

Which clinic is the specialist for dense packing hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Our clinic can give you thick & dense results because our surgeon has an extensive experience, required skills, expertise., trained & qualified from France. To get an appointment you may call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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