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What is the per graft hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

Any individual who is concerned about its receding hair line prefers to go for a hair restoration surgery, that is priced based on the per graft hair transplant cost. As we know that hair loss treatment takes place following two different methods, the method decides what will be the per graft hair transplant cost.  In strip harvesting method (FUT), the surgeon cuts out a strip of hair from a healthy hairy area of the body that is called the donor site and then graft it on the bald area that is known as the recipient site.

 In an FUT the surgeon removes a thin strip of hairs from donor area but in case of FUE the surgeon removes each hair graft one by one by the help of a punch tool. Both of the techniques are supposed to leave scars. A linear scar in case of FUT and small circular scars in case of FUE. The number of grafts taken from the donor area depends on the strength of the donor area. Like some people have 50 follicles per square cm whereas some people have 150 follicles per square cm. Pricing of the procedure is done both per session and per graft. The most preferred method is per graft. Talking about the per graft hair transplant cost, it can come between 60 Pak rupee to 90 Rs per graft in case of FUE. During the first session around a 1000 to 3000 grafts are transplanted to the recipient site.

Per graft hair transplant cost also depends greatly on the quality of service and the clinic being relied on. The procedure should be carried by an expert surgeon who can guarantee a risk free procedure. In some cases the surgeons take a more grafts from a small donor area making a big scar which becomes unable to stitch for the surgeon and its left open leaving the patient with a two to three fingers width scar and a very bad healing period.

  In order to make your procedure cost effective, session wise procedure is preferred over the  per graft hair transplant cost. Another thing to understand is that in FUT method the strip is usually over cut the strip which is called subdividing follicular units to make more single and double. To explain this, let’s say the surgeon takes a strip containing 6000 follicles, theoretically surgeon could create 6000 grafts with one strip, or the surgeon can subdivide it into three strips. So the patient is paying more for the same number of grafts because it increases the per graft hair transplant cost by increasing the number of grafts. Even though the same number of hairs have been transplanted but the grafts number was increased by subdividing the hair graft.  It is advised to talk to your surgeon about the number of grafts and per graft cost before the procedure. Any method used for transplant has its advantages and disadvantages, it is better to talk to the surgeon about the side effects of the surgery.

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