Bad Hair Transplant Results

What are the Common Bad Hair Transplant Results Reasons?

Before you choose to look for a hair surgeon or expert , it is equally important to get an idea about the most common bad hair transplant reasons. Although the procedure is performed through an advanced system of machinery and surgical types of equipment, there are still some of the patients who did not acquire the results which they have always wanted to achieve after the hair restoration surgery.

There are so many factors that might contribute to the outcome of poor or bad hair transplant results. Some of the common ones can be depression, health issues, hypertension, not having a healthy diet, or the side effects of some medications. We will be highlighting some of the important and essential reasons

Bad hair transplant results reasons and how to correct

Reason No 1: Incorrect Placement of grafts 

One of the biggest reasons can be the wrong placement of the grafts, which can typically take place due to surgeon negligence. The surgeon or their assistants have to make sure that the grafts are placed at the right angle of the scalp. Sometimes more than two assistants can perform the hair implantation at different angles, which can cause some severe side effects for the human scalp. Wrong placement of graft layout will let the hairs grow in diverse directions. A patient should get into a complete discussion with their surgeon about the placement of grafts and the major equipments that are needed to be used in the hair graft placement.

Failed hair transplant

Reason No 2: Hydration & starvation of grafts

Another most common bad hair transplant reason is in view with the graft hydration and starvation. If you want to keep the follicular grafts alive and fully healthy, then it must be hydrated entirely with the solution of saline at a moderate temperature. This needs to be done until and unless the placement of grafts is not fully completed. If the follicular grafts are not thoroughly moisturized, then possibly it can get dry due to which the healthy growth of new hairs might get disturbed. Amazing results can only be produced without any mistake or error.

Reason No 3: Handling of Graft

Crushing or the mishandling of grafts is another common bad hair transplant reasons which can take place due to negligence of unprofessional surgical assistants. This mistake can happen during the dissection or at the time when implanters are being loaded. This mishandling of the graft can contribute to weak or poor growth of hairs.


Well, above all, there have been quite a few more bad hair transplant reasons based on which it can make you feel as if your money and time have been completely wasted. All the reasons which we mentioned above for you need to be taken into precautionary consideration by professional surgeons and their assistants. Inexperienced surgeon can cause many mistakes and errors while performing hair restoration procedure and these mistakes are major reasons and poor results. Every year there are many novices or new hair doctors who start their clinics or hair surgery, definitely they will learn on patients with many mistakes. Such new starter doctors offer less prices or economical packages as compare to experienced and well qualified doctors as a results many patients did not get good results. One should try to search properly trained , experienced, well qualified doctor so that bad hair transplant reasons can be avoided.