PRF hair loss treatment lahore Pakistan

PRF hair loss

PRF hair loss treatment in Lahore is offered by our clinic under the supervision of foreign qualified specialist. Many people might confuse themselves with the term platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). Both of them are known to be the best and superior procedures of hair fall control and regrowth, but there are a …

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Baldness impact

  Baldness impact on personality: Baldness is a dermatological disorder in which a person may lose some or all of the hairs on the head or sometimes on the body. Hair loss is not associated with physical pain although it may lead sometimes itching or irritation. However it is not life threatening and is due …

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Hair thickening

  10 Hair Thickening Strategies for men are necessarily significant for getting rid of future problems .Males and also females adapt these by keeping them in mind. Both generations with baldness problems are always seen to be asking about these queries. Now in this scientific age, they don’t have to be much worried about their …

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DHT and hair loss

DHT and hair loss

  What you need to know about DHT and Hair Loss is the connection between them. The testosterone and baldness are linked together. For understanding, testosterone should be defined first. It is a  sex hormone present in males and females. It has various characteristics in the development of the human body. Here we have mentioned …

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