Fue 3178 grafts

Fue 3178 grafts | hair transplant clinic Lahore Pakistan | Dr Ahmad Chaudhry Baldness is visible in this case from front to crown area. No surgeon can cover this huge baldness in one procedure so a two phase strategy was planned. First procedure will cover the frontal part of the head till the mid scalp area. Second …

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Hair fall treatments

Hair fall treatments initiate with finding the cause. To accurately and effectively diagnose it you need a well-certified dermatologist. Dermatologists have in-depth knowledge about the causes of hair fall. These doctors use derma scope to take a closer look at the head. Physical examination may also be very important before diagnosis. Doctors ask about your medical …

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Hair growth through transplantation surgery

Hair growth through transplantation surgery

Hair growth through transplantation surgery also known as hair restoration is one of the most valuable and exciting surgical treatments for male pattern androgenic baldness and other causes of hair loss in the field of aesthetic surgery nowadays. Medical treatments with finasteride and minoxidil both are used in management of pattern baldness but the results …

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How to regrow hair Lahore

How to regrow hair

  How to regrow hair is a common question asked by many people suffering from thinning of hair and pattern baldness. Many people face problems in their daily lives due to baldness. Some persons also reported lack of confidence, anxiety, frustration and depression. Everybody wants to look cool and confident but if they lack basic …

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